Imagine interning abroad in Switzerland. You may fill your days by exploring your field and developing your knowledge and skillset. Your mornings, evenings, and weekends (depending on your program, of course) could be your own to wander the streets, submerse yourself in Swiss culture, and even jaunt off to neighboring countries such as France, Germany, Italy, or Austria. Not to mention that in some Internships in Switzerland programs, you may earn academic credit and apply what you learn in your internship to your studies (and vice versa). Interning abroad in Switzerland could be a great way to enhance your global perspective professionally, socially, and academically. 

Why Intern in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a well-developed country with strong social, economic, and political infrastructure. You may intern there in any number of industries and perhaps gain meaningful insight into your field. Some prevalent industries in Swiss society include business, technology, and banking or economics. It has a well-developed international sector comprising a wealth of multinational corporations and governmental agencies and serving many non-governmental and non-profit international efforts. Switzerland could be an interesting place to study economics, politics, sociology, and more. You may even practice your German, French, and Italian, the three official languages of Switzerland.

What Might It Be Like to Live and Intern in Switzerland?

Living and interning in Switzerland may allow for a fabulous adventure. The country brims with natural beauty (the Alps! Lake Geneva! Rhine Falls!), cultural experiences (museums! Art galleries! Festivals!), and stunning cities and towns (St. Gallen! St. Moritz! Geneva!). Each of these and other wonderful attributes may invite you into a life-enhancing experience. Here are some other things you might enjoy while you’re interning abroad in Switzerland:

The Food: Much of Switzerland’s food is influenced by its neighbors. Therefore, you’ll find a lot of Italian, French, and German food, perhaps infused with a Swiss twist. Staples in the Swiss diet include bread, potatoes, grains, and dairy, especially cheese and milk. You may commonly find soups, stews, and casseroles in Swiss households. Some dishes you must try while you study abroad in Switzerland include:

  • Cheese fondue with bread (with cheese sometimes infused with wine and spices!).
  • Valaisanne-style Rosti, which basically consists of fried grated potatoes (much like hash browns) that are then baked and served in a pot complete with gooey cheese, egg, and bacon. Rosti is traditionally served with pickled vegetables on the side.
  • Roasted flour soup, a Swiss favorite made simply with flour, butter, onion, and beef stock. It’s often served with cheese.
  • Raclette, a pungent cheese grilled to melting and served atop boiled potatoes, pickles, and onions.

These are just some of the many foods you might enjoy in Switzerland.  

The Culture: Switzerland’s culture makes itself apparent through its architecture, graphic arts, and performance arts. Cities and villages are often designed with precision and intention, and simply wandering through streets may allow for a breathtaking adventure. Switzerland’s visual arts, more evident as you peruse galleries, bookstores, and fairs, tell the stories of Swiss artisans and experiences. And the performance arts, prevalent in many cities throughout Switzerland, are treasured and well-supported by Swiss society. You may also enjoy and celebrate Switzerland’s culture by exploring its great outdoors, sharing its rich foods with friends and family, and discussing its national and international political structures, both of which are quite unique in the world, with intellectuals over a cup of coffee.

The Sights: There are many things to see and do in Switzerland. You  may wish to visit as many mountains as you can. There are the Swiss Alps, the Bernese Alps, and numerous others, many of which boast opportunities to hike, ski, and explore. You may also spend some time exploring Switzerland’s lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, and vineyards. When you’re not outdoors, consider:

  • Visiting the Abbey library of Saint Gall
  • Touring the Chillon Castle
  • Exploring the alternative arts scene in Geneva
  • Enjoying the nightlife at the Matterhorn in Zermatt
  • Visiting the Swiss National Museum

Living and interning in Switzerland could be wonderful as you get to know the country.

What Are My Options for Internships in Switzerland Programs?

We’ve put together a list of Internships in Switzerland programs that offer internship opportunities in Switzerland below. Simply browse through the list and, when you find a Internships in Switzerland program of interest, click “Learn More.” Once you do, you’ll be directed to program details and a place to contact the program directly for additional information. You may also be able to read program reviews and compare programs to other similar ones. We wish you a wonderful experience as you intern abroad in Switzerland!