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If you want to study abroad in Spain, why not do so through one of the great internships in Madrid? Interning abroad may be the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into a subject or field through firsthand experience. Plus, you could emerge from your program having had a wonderful adventure. To read more about interning abroad in Madrid, read on!  

Where Can I Intern in Madrid?

Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union and the capital city of Spain.[i] As such, the city is modern and diverse and boasts numerous opportunities across fields. Whether you want to intern in the social sciences, business, art, religion, or another field, you’ll likely find plenty of options. As you browse through your options for internships in Madrid, keep in mind that, depending on your field, you might be able to select programs by term (summer, semester, or year, for example) or find programs with formats that include intensive language study, academic credit, or cultural excursions. Don’t hesitate to explore our website thoroughly and to reach out to programs directly through our site for additional information. Knowledge is power when it comes to picking your perfect internship.  

What Are Some of the Benefits of Interning Abroad in Madrid?

Internship opportunities are typically designed to help students develop their skills and knowledge in an area that’s important to them and relevant to their degrees and future plans. In many cases, students explore their fields through an internship and build their capacities through structured, guided work. Participating in an internship abroad could be a wonderful way for students to enhance their resumes, earn academic credit, and enjoy a fantastic international adventure. Sounds pretty great, right? Here are some other reasons to do an internship abroad:

  • Participating in an internship may help you connect with a local community, organization, or company. You might establish friendships, build your professional network, and make international connections. Each of these possibilities could enhance your future and your life!
  • You may be able to build your Spanish language skills while you’re interning abroad in Madrid. Depending on your internship, you might be able to communicate with your supervisors and colleagues in Spanish. Doing so could help you enhance your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Plus, you might get to learn the Spanish lexicon for your particular field. Depending on your plans in your future, knowing how to speak Spanish within your industry could be a boon. (Not to mention that you’ll likely be able to develop your Spanish language skills simply by living your day-to-day life in Madrid.)
  • While you’re walking or commuting to and from your internship, you may be able to explore and enjoy Madrid. As you do so, interning abroad might start to feel like living abroad. As you develop your preferred routes to your internship, find your favorite coffee shops, and meet local people, you might establish a routine that makes you feel more like a local. Wouldn’t that be fun?  
  • If you take classes while you’re participating in an internship, you might be able to apply what you learn on the job. Conversely, you could potentially approach your professor with questions about what you experience while interning. The two components of your program could be mutually beneficial.  

What Might I Do and See in Madrid When I’m Not Interning?

There are tons of things to see and do in Madrid. The city is incredibly dynamic, offering options and opportunities to many types of people. Since you’ll likely carve out your own niche in Madrid through your internship program, we’ll give you a sense of some of the most broadly treasured aspects of the city. From there, you can choose your own adventure!

Here are five things you might love to see and experience while doing one of the internships in Madrid:

  • Madrid’s Grand Vía, a famous boulevard that boasts shopping (high-end and local), restaurants (traditional and trendy), and bars (many of which may serve coffee and tapas). The Grand Vía also provides a great place to view some of Madrid’s stunning architecture.
  • Any of Madrid’s fabulous museums and treasured sights: El Museo del Prado and Museo Reina Sofía are two museums not to miss, and other fascinating sights include Madrid’s Plaza Mayor (the main public square); the Temple of Debod, a reconstructed ancient Egyptian temple; El Rastro, one of Madrid’s main public markets; and the Plaza de Cibeles, a stunning palace with grounds speckled with statues.
  • Madrid’s wonderful parks and gardens. Parks in Madrid often boast flowers, fountains, public art, and great places to sit and enjoy the scenery. Buy some food at a market and have a picnic in Casa de Campo, Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid Río, or Jardins de Sabatini. Enjoy!
  • Late-night dinners with the locals. Many people in Madrid dine late in the evening. This means that lots of people roam certain neighborhoods at night, and much of the city feels social and vibrant. Why not head to one of Madrid’s lively neighborhoods to eat food, socialize, and otherwise enjoy the city’s nightlife?
  • Public transportation, trains, and long-distance buses. There are lots of sights to see outside of Madrid. Why not hop on a train or bus and see a few? Consider buying a guide to Madrid and surrounding areas and engage in some fascinating day trips. You’re likely to have a great time.  

These are just some of the many things you might see and do while you’re interning abroad in Madrid.  

How Can I Find Internships in Madrid?

We’ve put together a collection of Madrid study abroad programs that involve internships. Browse through the internships in Madrid and find one you like. Then, click on the listing to read more and to request additional information from the program directly. Your journey of a lifetime awaits!