Internships in Spain

Studying abroad may be a great way to get out and see the world, but working abroad as part of internship in Spain might also help you develop skills and knowledge to potentially jumpstart your career! The country’s thriving economy and rich, cultural heritage may help you expand your understanding of your chosen concentration in ways a classroom might not. Hands-on experience in the workforce certainly doesn’t come from a textbook! From STEM subjects to hospitality, Spain may have plenty of unique programs to support students’ interests. And when you’re not hard at work in your customized intern program, you could be out exploring Spain. Whether that’s a trip to one of its many cities, relaxing on its Mediterranean beaches, or just sipping a local wine – there’s millions of ways to experience the country. Keep reading to find out how doing one of the internships in Spain could combine professional growth with an international adventure.

Internships in Spain

Why Should I Consider Internships in Spain?

Spain internship programs typically take your home studies into consideration when placing you into an appropriate work experience. This way, you could have the chance to learn more about the subjects and potential careers that you are passionate about. Spain has a thriving culture that may support a wide array of interests. For example, students studying hospitality might be able to tap into Spain’s bustling tourism industry. Imagine getting to work alongside other internationals to learn about managing the busy hotels and services of a city like Barcelona! Finance students, on the other hand, may be interested in studying Spain’s economy. Since Spain is part of the EU, you could not only interact with the country’s economy but also see how it affects others on a global scale. STEM students may also find programs of interest – especially if they’re studying renewable resources. Spain is currently taking strides towards researching alternative energies and this could be a perfect opportunity to be at the cutting edge of your concentration!

Besides the actual work experience, internships in Spain could also be a great chance to practice speaking Spanish. While you might be surrounded by internationals who speak English most the time, many Spaniards speak Spanish as their primary language. While you may have to ask “como se dice…” in the beginning, by the end of the program (and with enough practice), you might be confused for a native speaker! And what a great skill to apply to your future professional endeavors. Being able to list “bilingual” on your resume may help you jumpstart a career in a variety of fields after you graduate.

While the working part of an internship in Spain is important – so is getting to explore the country! Keep reading to find out some of what there is to see and do in España.

Exploring España

Looking to take in some authentic Spanish culture? Then you should catch a flamenco show! The native dance uses hard-soled shoes to create percussive rhythms. The recitals are often accompanied by a Spanish guitar and a vocalist for a melodic experience. Most spectators compare flamenco to Irish step dancing or tap dancing, but the Spanish style actually draws heavily from ballet! Many cities boast their dozens of local flamenco troupes, so grab a glass of the beer and get ready to watch a historic Spanish tradition!

Or, if relaxing is your goal, hop on a plane or train and head to Torremolinos. The resort town has access to the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean so be sure to bring your beach towel. Many travelers visit the vacation town from surrounding countries, like England. Hearing English on the street or in the shops may not be that uncommon. Make friends with fellow travelers and set out to explore. A few plates of tapas – small, shared snacks – might be great way to start! The seaside paradise also has access to Spain’s train system. Buying a ticket to nearby Málaga (and seeing the views from the top of the Castillo de Gibralfaro) could be an easy, and affordable, day trip.

While you’re near Málaga, adventurous travelers might want to try skiing the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Make your way down the slopes throughout the day, or just kick up your feet in one of the warm, cozy lodges. Yes, these snow-covered peaks are within driving distance to the nearest beach – so why not split your day? Skiing in the morning and sunbathing in the afternoon sounds like a great way to spend your study abroad program!

Spain is home to many more sites and activities, as well as UNESCO World Heritage sites. When you get a break from your internship, be sure to take some time to explore your temporary home. Do a little research or ask your program about activities that may interest you.

Get Ready for your Spain Internship!

Before you rush out to buy a plane ticket, it’s time to find a perfect Spain internship for you! Scroll further down this page for a list of potential programs. By clicking on a program, you could view a brief description about the program itself as well a link to request more information. Looking to intern in a specific Spanish city? Or maybe you’re searching for a work specialty? Use the menus on this page to select your preferred criteria to further refine the list. Good luck finding a perfect internship in Spain!