Internships in Scotland | Scotland Internship ProgramsWhat are Internships in Scotland Like?

If you dream of exploring the Highlands and the professional world, then internships in Scotland may be perfect for you. These intern abroad programs could allow you to take an active role in a Scottish industry of your choice, as well connect with others in your field throughout the United Kingdom. Additionally, working and traveling in Scotland may be easier than many other study abroad programs - English is the national language! This could make navigating the majestic highlands – and communicating with your placement’s leaders – easier and less intimidating.  The Celtic landscape is waiting for you, so begin your search for internships in Scotland by continuing to read below!

Head to the Highlands: Interning in Scotland

Choosing from one of the internships in Scotland may not only be a great cultural experience, but a resume building one as well! By pursuing internship in Scotland, you could have the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills that may later help jumpstart your career in fields such as history, theatrical, fine arts, business, biology, international studies, and many more. Scottish cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Stirling may offer you real-world challenges that you might not get in your home country. You may also experience firsthand how a different culture manages office life and your chosen industry. This hands-on technique could be a great way to further hone your professional knowledge and skills - not to mention possibly setting you apart from the pack with potential employers.

Your intern abroad program may take on a larger scope than just Scotland, though. As part of the United Kingdom, Scottish programs may also give students potential international opportunities. Once you have been placed in your internship in Scotland, you may have access to an interconnected network of companies throughout the UK. This could be a great way to gain global experience at an accelerated rate. You could have easy access to three other countries! You may even be able to visit Northern Ireland, Wales, or England as part of your program (or even on your days off!). They might just be a bus or ferry ride away!

More Than Academics: Exploring Your New Home

Don’t let the distinctive Scottish burr fool you, the entire country does speak English as its native language! This could make exploring the country that much easier for international students. If you’re looking for a good place to start your tour of Scotland, why not start with the mythic Loch Ness? While you may not spot the elusive Loch Ness Monster, the scenery and outdoor activities make the trip worthwhile. Who knows? Maybe you could catch a glimpse of something swimming beneath the water! Speaking of the great outdoors, there’s plenty of places to go kayaking, whale watching, or camping throughout Scotland. You may even be asked if you’ve “bagged a Munro” – or climbed one of the Munro mountains. By the end of this program, your answer should be “yes!”

Once you’ve emerged from your trek through the countryside, there’s plenty to do inside the city centers as well. If you find yourself in the capital city of Edinburgh (and you should at some point!), check out the historical Edinburgh Castle. It sits high above the city – so it’s hard to miss! Afterwards, you could always go get a coffee at the castle’s base at Elephant House. Why this café in particular? The unassuming eatery was where J.K. Rowling began to write a very famous book series about a certain boy wizard. If you’re a fan of the series, it’s a must see!

Interning in Scotland: Finding a Perfect Program

The historical landscapes of Scotland – and its bustling industries – are waiting to welcome you to a productive internship in Scotland. If you’re ready to head off to the land of the Scots, keep scrolling to view a list of programs. Not seeing a program that lines up with your academic or professional interests? Select your preferred “type of work” from the menus above. That way, you could browse a list of programs curated to your personal requirements. With all of this at your fingertips, finding a volunteer program in Scotland could be as easy as continuing down this page!