Finding an entry-level job without any experience has become increasingly difficult[i]. Instead of struggling with the catch-22 of finding a job that requires experience in order to gain experience to do the job, it is possible to gain valuable experience through interning. Many college students find it beneficial to work within their chosen industry as an intern during college or right after graduation to help them gain an edge over other candidates. To further your potential to stand out from the competition, you should consider a one of the available internships in Iceland.

It might be possible to find Iceland internships in almost any industry in which you wish to pursue. Some companies provide services to help you find internships in Icelend with companies from a wide variety of sectors. These industries include arts and media, graphic design, advertising, business administration, public relations and marketing, HR, engineering, science, tourism and geology just to name a few[ii].

Internships In Iceland

Most programs offering internships in Iceland are located in Reykjavik, the capital of the country. It may be possible to gain college credit for your intern experience, and you may also be able to combine your internship experience with taking courses towards your degree at Reykjavik University or other universities[iii]. These courses might count towards your major, or it may be possible to take elective courses or courses just for fun, such as dancing or sports. It may be possible to take courses in Icelandic so that you might better communicate with the locals. This might also be something to add to your resume to help you stand out from the competition.

Taking courses at the local university provides you with a way to potentially meet local residents to learn more about the Icelandic culture. You might also build relationships with your coworkers at internships in Iceland. This interaction may help you to build skills in cross-cultural communication, which may come in handy in your future career, especially if you plan to work for an international company or organization.

Learn About Iceland

Iceland internships are not just about gaining work experience to help your chances of finding employment upon graduation; it is also about enjoying the beautiful country of fire and ice. This country is one of the most active volcanic regions. Its unique geological situation has led to amazing rock formations and other natural phenomena worth checking out. If your program is between September and April, then you may encounter very short days and incredibly long nights. However, you might also have the chance to see the aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights. During the summer months, it may be possible to take a whale watching cruise to see some of these magnificent creatures as they migrate.

Iceland is well known for its magnificent beauty, and it is possible to go hiking, biking, horseback riding or running to enjoy it. There are also three national parks to explore on the weekends or other free time during your internship in Iceland. It may be possible to enjoy the geothermal pools and spas for which the country is famous[iv].

Educational Programs In Iceland

There are many considerations to make before enrolling in a program providing internships in Iceland. Some programs may have a significant fee, although this may be covered by your financial aid if you are still in school. This cost may include excursions, housing, support, on-site coordinator, and other benefits[v]. It is also important that you search for a position that provides the work experience you need for your chosen career path. When searching for possible programs, it may be beneficial to have a list of requirements nearby to help you narrow down your selection and find the right match.