Internships in Paris | Paris Internship ProgramsAn internship in Paris, France, could place you in the midst of a thriving city with access to a multitude of possible programs pertaining to your academic concentration. The capital of France could allow you to benefit from its thriving economy and societal institutions, as well as its delegations with international entities. Your experience doesn’t stop at the end of the business day, though. As you live and work in Paris, you could also engage with its culture head on: sampling the fine cuisine, exploring the romantic streets, and seeing iconic sights.  Pursuing internships in Paris, France, could not only give you the chance to learn skills necessary to possibly pursue your chosen career, but also leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Why Pursue Internships in Paris?

Paris internships could be a great opportunity to develop your professional skills in an international city while simultaneously engaging with a new culture. Those pursuing internships, especially those in fashion, culinary arts, marketing, tourism, and language fields, may find a wide array of programs available to them. This is because of the city’s involvement at the forefront of those fields. Those interested in fashion may be want to become involved with Paris Fashion Week – an international gathering of renowned designers. Those in the culinary arts may want to visit the Michelin Guides, who rate and award exemplary restaurants around the world. Tourism and marketing students may have a wide array of programs they could pursue: Paris is a tourist destination and is often seeking new ways of enticing visitors.

This is just a sampling of internships in Paris – the sprawling capital city offers many more. Be sure to check with your specific intended program for additional information on possible opportunities.

Outside the Internship: Exploring Paris

Paris is a massive metropolis – and the capital of France. The City of Lights could be more than just a place to develop your professional skills, but also a place to explore! The first stop on your adventures should be the Eiffel Tower. The iconic structure could be a great day excursion if you have some time off from your program. There’s also many museums throughout Paris – you may have heard of the Louvre, one the notable art museums inside the city. The Louvre houses famous works: ever want to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa? It’s housed inside the Louvre along with thousands of other works of art (and an impressive Egyptian collection!).

Getting hungry from sight-seeing? Chocolatiers might be found in any street in Paris. Grab a small specialty chocolate or famous Parisian hot chocolate. This luscious drink may be much thicker than you’re used to – that’s because it uses more chocolate than most! A cup is often recommended to go along with your breakfast.

This seems so exciting, but you’re intimidated by the language barrier? Don’t be! Many Parisians are used to speaking in English as much as French because of the heavy tourism in the area. On the other hand, if you want to practice your French, just ask! Many locals may be delighted to help you study with a quick conversation.

Find Internships in Paris, Today!

Finding an internship in Paris program might be intimidating – the city is large, there are many potential opportunities, and you might not know where to start. may be able to help! To start, browse the list of links below to start researching perspective programs. When you find one that interests you, click through the link to request more information. Ready to apply? Got to your intended program’s official site to complete an application. The City of Lights awaits! Good luck finding a perfect internship in Paris program, today!