Getting professional experience might be crucial for your resume and help jumpstart your career. How about getting that experience overseas, through internships in Fiji? If you intern in Fiji, you could experience an exciting culture, live in a beautiful island nation in the South Pacific and potentially work in a thriving field. Balancing travel, education, and professional experience? If that sounds like your kind of opportunity, keep reading.

Essentials of Internships in Fiji

Fiji is a volcanic, Melanesian island nation in the South Pacific. It has tropical marine climate, volcanic mountains, and even rainforests. This, combined with its rich culture—a blend of indigenous, European, and Asian traditions—makes Fiji a unique place to live and work.

With an internship in Fiji, you might not only develop international and professional experience, but do it in a truly unique way. Whether you’re interested in Fiji because of your chosen industry, its location, or because you want to live somewhere new, you may find what you’re looking for and then some.

Tourism Internships in Fiji

Interested in working in tourism or hospitality? Tourism is a major industry in Fiji. It draws travelers from around the world, but especially from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. Tourism internships in Fiji may allow you exercise a variety of skills, while getting to know people from all walks of life. What’s more, the skills you develop working in tourism and hospitality may be transferrable to a variety of other fields. So even if you decide working in tourism isn’t for you after all, your experience may still support your new goals.

Between Fiji’s beautiful natural landscape and tropical climate, Fiji has a lot to offer potential travelers. Some popular regions for tourists include Nadi, the Coral Coast, Denaru Island, and Mamnuca Islands.  Activities like hiking, snorkeling, and scuba diving enable tourists and groups to take in Fiji’s many natural resources. You might not only learn to help provide these services, but perhaps try them out for yourself!

Conservation Internships in Fiji

With Fiji’s diverse tropical environment, it’s no wonder you might find opportunities for conservation internships in Fiji. Whether you’re interested in ecology, biology, or marine biology, opportunities to get your hands dirty helping animals, the environment, and the world may be waiting in Fiji. If you’re interested in the ocean, you might study and protect Fiji’s shark population, coral reefs, and other marine life. Prefer staying on land? You might work with the plant and animal life in Fiji’s rainforest, help to find solutions for resource conservation and deforestation, or help to educate the public about conservation efforts and strategies.

Teaching & Education Internships in Fiji

Education internships in Fiji may give you an opportunity help your community, and provide access to education in schools that may lack some important resources. This may be a great way to get your feet wet in education, as you may not need a degree in education or a teaching certification to apply. Plus, you’ll likely gain a crucial understanding of the cultures within and surrounding your school community, develop a global perspective, and expand your leadership and communication skills. All that, plus the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference.

Intern in Fiji: What to Do Outside of Work

International internship programs in Fiji may offer a wealth of unique and valuable work experience. But work isn’t everything! Luckily, Fiji has a lot in store for you, even when you’re not on the job.

Interested in the outdoors? Fiji’s volcanic islands include beautiful waters with marine life, coral reefs, and pristine sand beaches. Whether you like to scuba dive, kayak, snorkel, or just kick back by the ocean, you might find it here. And on land, you might climb a mountain or explore Fiji’s rainforests.

But the outdoors aren’t all Fiji has to offer. In addition to parks, preserves, and even beach resorts, you might immerse yourself in the arts and culture of your local community, shop at markets, or even catch a Rugby match! If you’re a foodie, you might also want to check out the regional cuisine, which tends to be relatively inexpensive and made with local ingredients.

Whatever you’re into, internships in Fiji might enable you to expand your horizons, learning new things about yourself and the world both at and away from work.

Preparing to Intern in Fiji

When preparing to intern in Fiji, make sure to follow up with your program for more information about visa requirements! Depending on the type of work you’re doing, the duration of your stay, and the type of program, your specific paperwork and requirements may vary. More information about Fiji travel permits and visas can be found by inquiring with your program, or at the Fiji Immigration website.

Something else to keep in mind: you may need to guarantee that you have enough money to cover the costs of your stay, including potential expenses such as food, housing, insurance, and travel expenses, to name a few. In addition to saving your cash, you may be able to apply to international internship or study abroad grants offered by a variety of organizations to help fund your stay.

Getting ready to intern in Fiji might seem like an intimidating process at first, but with the right amount of research and preparation, you could set yourself up for an international experience you’ll never forget.

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