Internships in Shanghai | Shanghai InternshipsInterning abroad in Shanghai, China might seem like an easy decision. The bustling city atmosphere could provide a wide array of internship opportunities – what more could you ask for? While the working opportunities may be the professional experience you’ve been looking for, what you might not expect is the thriving culture you could take part in. You could have the chance to live, work, and learn among the ancient culture that fills Shanghai, China. Help yourself to a plate of traditional food, speak with the native population, or explore the historical sites. The other half of your internship education happens to be adventure. Interested in internships in Shanghai, keep reading!

Why Consider Internships in Shanghai, China?

Many intern abroad in Shanghai programs are two-fold. Firstly, you could be involved with a multitude of industries, many of which could incorporate the foundation of education you’ve earned, or are earning, in a degree program. Many intern programs focus on fields such as accounting, marketing, communication, education, engineering, and many more! The second part? Many of these programs help immerse students within the Chinese culture. This could mean living in Shanghai and taking language courses while you work. What a great way to participate in the Chinese culture and simultaneously learn so much about it!

What Could Life Be Like if I Intern Abroad in Shanghai, China?

Its food: Shanghai cuisine is probably familiar to many, at least aesthetically. This cuisine is often red and shiny because many of the ingredients are pickled in a specific wine. Sugar is also a huge component of the cooking style. It’s usually combined with soy sauce for a salty-sweet combo. Dishes may be prepared a multitude of ways, but Shanghainese are well-known for preparing “drunken” cuisine. These dishes use alcoholic spirits to flavor the food.

Shanghai dishes emphasis the taste of the ingredients over sauces, spices, and other flavorings. Many of the dishes you encounter might focus on the natural flavor of the meat or vegetables. You could consider trying some the following on your adventure:

  • Pepper Duck has a ties to the famous filmmaker, Charlie Chaplin. He praised the dish as a “lifelong unforgettable gourmet.” Grab a plate of this warm dish during the chilly autumn months.
  • Nanxiang Steamed Buns are a popular street food found throughout Shanghai. This type of dumpling has a thicker, cakier skin than normal dumplings. They may be filled with anything – there are plenty of sweet and savory varieties to try.
  • Soup buns are exactly what they sound like – delicious dumplings filled with hot broth and meat. Be sure to let these cool before you sit down to eat!
  • Da zha xie, or steamed crab, uses a local breed of crab: the hairy crab! It’s not really hairy though, don’t worry. Many Shanghainese recommend eating this dish simply, with only vinegar as a dipping sauce.

If you’re looking for something refreshing, grab a glass of pearl milk tea. This Taiwan import is a combination of milk tea and sweet, chewy, tapioca pearls hidden at the bottom. This is very popular with the younger population of Shanghai.

Its culture: China is the world’s third largest country and borders on 13 other countries. Notably, it borders Russia, India, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam. Shanghai – located in eastern China – is the most heavily populated city in the country. While many natives speak Mandarin as their primary language, many more choose to speak a vernacular called Shanghainese.

You may find yourself playing host to your new Chinese peers soon after you arrive. Visiting friends and family is an important part of Chinese life, so be sure to return the favor!

Its sights: Shanghai has many things to explore, some within the city itself! Why not consider checking out a few of these sights on your time off:

  • The Bund is a long, walking path along the Huangpu River. It provides a great view of Shanghai’s iconic cityscape. Don’t feel like walking? Catch the view from one of the many ferry rides.
  • The Yuyuan Garden is a beautiful place to spend your afternoon. The Ming dynasty era garden is well-known for its walls – they’re sculpted like fierce, roiling dragons!
  • Nanjing Road is the place to go for nightlife. Stop here after a day of work, study, or if you just need a place to relax and have some fun!

Find an Internship in Shanghai, China

Stepping into the unique culture – and learning experience – in Shanghai, China, is just a few clicks away. Feel free to browse the links listed below to find an internship program that aligns with your unique personal, professional, and educational goals. When you’ve found one that interests you, click through the link to request more information. The culture is waiting to be explored during what is sure to be a monumental learning experience. Good luck finding a perfect intern abroad in Shanghai, China, program!