Although you may only associate Portuguese with Portugal and Brazil, there are 12 total countries with Portuguese-speaking residents. There are more than 203 million native Portuguese speakers around the world[i]. If you wish to communicate with this population, then you should learn Portuguese in Brazil. Learning this language has the chance to help you in your career, as your language skills might help you stand out from the competition. Many people applying for the same job as you may speak Spanish, but very few if any will have Portuguese on their resume.

Learn Brazilian Portuguese

Similar to many other languages, there is a slight difference between Portuguese spoken in Portugal and that spoken in Brazil. Although people speaking the two can communicate with one another, there are nuances similar to American English and British English or Mexican Spanish and Spain Spanish. Brazil has increased its trade with other countries, especially the U.S. and Europe. It is quickly becoming one of the major economic powerhouses of South America, which will mean even more businesses will most likely be looking to do business with Brazilian companies in one way or another. This means that more global companies will most likely need to hire employees fluent in Brazilian Portuguese specifically.

Learn Portuguese in Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country largely known for its excellent national soccer team and beaches. By attending one of the language schools in Brazil, you have the chance to immerse yourself in the language and culture while enjoying the beautiful coastline and many other natural wonders, such as Iguaza Falls or the Sugarloaf Mountain. You can also hike up to see Christ the Redeemer statue or simply appreciate it from afar while going about your daily life in Rio. While you are in country, you can practice your new language skills while playing some football with the locals or catching a game at the Maracana Stadium. You can also head to the Amazon Rainforest or visit many of the sites around South America. If you plan your trip at the right time, you can enjoy the famous Brazilian Carnival.

Language Schools in Brazil

Studying a language in another country not only helps you learn the language, but you also gain valuable insight into the culture. This helps you to be able to better communicate with those of another culture, especially Brazilians. There are many areas of America and Europe with a large population of Brazilian immigrants where your language skills would help you to better serve them. Several international organizations also have a need for workers who can speak Portuguese, since their organizations work with some of the millions of Portuguese speakers around the world.

There are many considerations to make when researching whether or not to study Portuguese in Brazil. Although many people consider learning Spanish when thinking of languages to help in careers where communicating with Latin America is important, Portuguese is becoming just as vital. Many people learn Spanish as a second language, so having Portuguese skills may make you more attractive to prospective employees. It is possible to find summer immersion programs to help you start to learn the language, or you can sign up for a full semester or even year abroad. Even if your school does not offer programs to learn Portuguese in Brazil, it may be possible to find language schools in Brazil in which to enroll on your own during the summer or right after your graduate. This might give you an edge in your career, while also giving you an incredible experience to live in Brazil and enjoy its many attractions.