Summer Study Abroad in Turkey ProgramsStudying abroad in Turkey for a summer can be a wonderful way to experience some of the country’s most stunning sights. You can explore the country’s natural beauty or head to Istanbul for a more urban experience. In Istanbul, you can don traditional clothes and visit the world-famous Sultanahmet, or Blue Mosque. You can tour the Hagia Sophia and explore its intriguing history. You can enjoy the adventure of taking a Turkish bath and experience the joy of buying dondurma (ice cream) from trickster servers (you just have to go there to see what we mean!). You can submerse yourself in the sounds of bustling markets, animated squares, and calls to prayer as they echo throughout the city. Experiences like these and others could be yours when you explore a Summer Study Abroad in Turkey program.

Why Consider Summer Study Abroad in Turkey Programs

You can enjoy your extended vacation in Turkey while expanding your mind and enhancing your resume. You can earn academic credit and walk away with a new experience in hand. You can make new friends, connect with locals, and discover Turkish culture all while pursuing your degree. Summer study abroad programs offer a wonderful way to balance adventure with responsibility.

To learn more about summer study abroad programs in Turkey, begin your search here. We offer numerous options for fantastic summer experiences. There is no time like now to plan your life-enhancing journey!

Fun Fact: The Islamic call to prayer happens 6 times on a typical day. In some cases, men sing the call to prayer through loud speakers in mosques that echo throughout town. When Muslims hear the call to prayer, they may stop at a mosque to pray. If they do, they typically must wash their hands and feet in a provided fountain.