Summer Study Abroad in Singapore ProgramsIt’s challenging to capture the intrigue and beauty of Singapore. The city provides a virtual feast for the eyes. Bright, colorful lights outline stunning architectural designs. Cheery colors provide contrast to blindingly white buildings. Red lanterns cross streets by air, and city lights project kaleidoscopes of colors into the night sky. Lush green foliage dances with expansive stone sculptures and sleek, modern buildings converse with neoclassical, gothic, and renaissance styles. Every turn of a corner reveals a new and exciting sight in Singapore.

Why Consider Summer Study Abroad in Singapore Programs

You can enjoy this beautiful and dynamic city through a summer study abroad program in Singapore. As you sink into your extended vacation—enjoying new foods, making new friends, and exploring new places—you can earn academic credit and enhance your resume. You can expand your mind and your international awareness. You can go to summer school and enjoy the experience of a lifetime! What a wonderful combination.

To find the perfect summer study abroad program in Singapore for you, explore your options here. Begin your exciting journey by taking this simple step. Singapore awaits your arrival!  

Fun Fact: Singapore is the world’s only city-state! That’s right—it’s a city, and it’s a state! While this is its official designation, many people argue about whether it’s actually a city or country. Perhaps you can join the debate when you study abroad in Singapore!