If you love the idea of learning about different cultures and settings, earning credit, and travelling overseas, a Study Abroad in Multi Country Locations Program might be an awesome academic choice for you! Today’s student is savvy, and often has diverse interests. A Multi-Country Study Abroad Program offers you the chance to balance your different educational pursuits with the kind of sightseeing that gets you a closer understanding of your host countries. Plus, having a more international perspective can’t hurt your next resume.

Why Consider a Study Abroad in Multi Country Locations Program?

Instead of going to just one country and immersing yourself – which is also a great idea – if you Study Abroad in Multi Country Locations it gives you a taste of several countries. This in-person cross-cultural experience may be a wonderful way to prepare you for a global career, whether you are interested in business and finance, the humanities or sciences. Whatever you choose, consider your experience as a set of interactive textbooks.

How does it work to Study abroad in multi-country locations?

Programs do vary, which is why you need to research a few. Housing for instance may range from a boat to a student dorm, hotel or host family. Most commonly, you have a home base (host location) from which you travel to different locations (cities, countries, islands). Programs blend and balance classroom learning with an organized itinerary that often includes fieldtrips, sightseeing, and some free time to explore on your own.

How to Prepare For Your Trip

Remember that this is travel and you will not be near your home pharmacy or medical doctor. Take health and safety concerns to into account. Depending on what countries you are visiting, vaccinations may be necessary, and you may need to get medical insurance to cover unforeseeable events during your stays.

In terms of your education, ensure that the course credits earned abroad will transfer back to your home college or university, and arrange for campus housing for your return, if you will be returning mid-year. This goes for grading too. An “A” in one country may be a “B minus” somewhere else.

POSITIVE PERK: Learn to say ‘good morning’ in different languages ~ Kalimera (Greek), Bonjour (French), Buongiorno (Italian)

How Do I Choose a Multi-Country Study Abroad Program?

Finding a Study Abroad Multi-Country Locations Program is easy on StudyAbroad.com. The navigation menus are geared for browsing, and it is often helpful to open a few windows in your browser. A couple of questions to ask yourself:

When do you want to study overseas? Start out by selecting a term if this is your main consideration. For instance, you might want to go abroad during winter term. Some of the options might include going to France, Morocco, Gibralter and Spain during the month of January. This potentially packs in 4 countries and 12 cities in 3 weeks. Often you have the choice of what subjects to pursue and you may earn 6 credits at the same time. Alternatively you might want to explore London, Paris and Milan during summer break.

What do you want to study abroad? If you know what subject you want to study, choose it from the ‘select a specialty’ menu. Many unique choices here, and what makes this search exciting is that in a multi-country study abroad, you get to do hands-on research in each location. Here are a few exceptional options:

Art, Archaeology, History, Literature: Looking through pictures in a history book does not compare the culturally enriching experience of taking a semester to visit the Mediterranean Basin – travel through France, Italy and Greece. Tour some of the major cities as well as explore your host location.

Business Management: Explore major financial and political centers such as London, Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg, Munich Prague and Berlin. Fieldtrips are usually related to your major so you might visit banking institutions or historical sites. For someone interested in international affairs, law or administration, this could be a life-changing type of study abroad.

Fashion Design: If the fashion industry is something you want to explore, why not look into a program that takes you to some of the major centers: London, Paris and Milan. Chances are you will get to see the different textile museums, houses of fashion

Marine Sciences: A Multi-Country Ocean Exploration Program, called Sea Semester, exposes you to different academic disciplines from natural sciences to shipboard operations as you navigate through various locations by ship or boat.

Which countries do you want to visit? If you know that you want to visit a specific country, go to Europe in general, or just go island hopping, narrow your search by choosing a destination. Multi-country study abroad programs allow time to discover your host location as well as get a taste of other places.

Take the Next Step

Reading reviews of the program you are considering might be helpful, as your peers may give you insight into things that matter to you (organization, academics, accommodation). Don’t let the fact that you don’t know anyone going with you act as a deterrent, your new fellow classmates and travel buddies may be in the same position. Certainly, it requires a leap of faith, but one that may prove to be one of the best steps you take. Continued success as you Study Abroad in Multi Country Locations!

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