While one might tend to associate Japan with its influences on technology, choosing a Study Abroad in Japan Fine Arts Undergraduate Program exposes you to the richness of Asian culture and language. Located in the Pacific Ocean, Japan is well known for its temples, tatami mats, tea ceremonies, textiles and traditional dolls as well as Japanese gardens. But, make no mistake, Japan is also well-known for anime – Japanese animation. With the blend of history and contemporary, studying at art schools in Japan for Fine Arts warrants some consideration as an invaluable undergraduate experience.

Why Consider Art Schools in Japan to Study Fine Arts Abroad?

Whether you are interested in exploring the Japanese arts of anime and manga in Tokyo or a Japanese Immersion in Kyoto, a Study Abroad in Japan Fine Arts Program offers you an exploration in Asian culture while you potentially earn valuable undergraduate credit. Studying at art schools in Japan abroad allows you to choose from a variety of popular cities and program options depending on the term you select, and many of these include side excursions, making Japan an exciting choice!

FUN FACT: ‘Manga’ is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels, generally designed for both adults and children.

  • Montserrat College of Art

  • University of Kansas

  • Green River College