Study Music in Germany Abroad

Do you have a desire to study in Germany in English? Have you thought about what to study in Germany?

Dating back to the 16th century, and the classical German music of Johann Sebastian Bach on the piano, music in Germany has been a strong cornerstone of German tradition for hundreds of years, and now you can learn German music while exploring Europe during study in Germany.

Types of Music in Germany

While traditional German music study is popular, so are jazz, pop, and folk music, and while you study in Germany in English you can expect to learn German music firsthand while you study music abroad. With a deep heritage in Germany spanning hundreds of years, learning German music in a native atmosphere, while enjoying all the culture that Europe has to offer is a first-hand educational experience that will benefit you well into the future.

Interested in how to study in Germany longer?

“Praktikums” or internship programs in Germany are very popular for students pursuing real World work experience after studying abroad in Germany.