Study Abroad in Germany in Fall Semester | Fall Study Abroad in Germany ProgramsStudy Abroad in Germany in Fall Semester

If you want to see a country in all its glory, consider studying abroad in Germany for a fall semester. Fall in Germany is something to write home about. There's natural beauty. (Its transition from summer to fall to winter boasts gorgeous colors.) There's cultural events. (Its cities, small and large, host an abundance of festivals and fairs.) And you may have a front row seat! (Tourist attractions—from historical landmarks to parks and palaces—may be less busy than in Germany’s busy summer months.) All of this, combined with an opportunity to earn possible academic credit, learn some German, and engage in German culture, may make studying in Germany a brilliant idea. Why not head there for your fall semester?

Why Consider Study Abroad in Germany in Fall Semester?

Germany is a country with many faces. For those who enjoy a rural atmosphere, there are small towns and open spaces. Here, you might experience time-tested traditions and quintessential European flavor by way of architecture and lifestyle. Others may prefer the city centers which house a variety of museums and historical landmarks.You might enjoy a blend of modern and traditional culture by way of the arts, cuisine, and festivities. Can't decide? Many areas may also have access to impressive public transportation systems that whisk you between the two. Overall, you’ll likely enjoy a dynamic journey in a Germany study abroad program.

Some things you might enjoy include:

  • Riding your bike through gorgeous countryside or urban neighborhoods
  • Buying currywurst or schnitzel from a food cart
  • Meeting friends at a traditional beer garden
  • Connecting the dots of Germany’s history, landmark by landmark and museum by museum
  • Celebrating and enjoying Germany’s diverse culture through festivals and fairs
  • Earning academic credit while you enjoy an extended adventure in another country