Fall Study Abroad Costa Rica Programs

When you study abroad as part of fall study abroad Costa Rica programs, you might not only be heading off on an international adventure. You could be working towards the same scholastic goals you would at your home university as well! Many students worry about missing out on necessary academics while studying abroad, but a fall semester program might allow you to earn credits towards your degree just like as if you were home. (Programs vary so contact your school to see if you qualify).

You may then be asking yourself why study abroad if I’m earning similar credits? Because you’ll be doing it in the heart of Costa Rica – that why! Not only could the tropical country give you a new, distinctly Costa Rican outlook on your studies, but its jungles and beaches are just begging to be explored.

Are you ready to start your academic fall study abroad Costa Rica programs? Then keep reading for more information about what it might be like during Costa Rica fall semester programs!

Why Study in Costa Rica? Why in the Fall Semester?

Many students, when considering a study abroad experience, are concerned about fitting the opportunity into their jam-packed academic schedule, but fall study abroad Costa Rica programs might be a great way to achieve both your scholastic and travel goals. By going abroad for the entire fall semester, you could essentially have the chance to go about business as usual! You might potentially earn valuable credits to put towards your concentration much like you would back home during a typical semester-long period. Of course, it could differ a bit since you’d be in another country! This may be a great time to pick up some unique general requirements for your degree, or see how your concentration is handled in another country!

But why Costa Rica? Out of the other possible study abroad programs, what makes Central American country such a desirable location? There’s lots of reasons, but an important one to students might be its academic opportunities. Language students may be especially interested in studying in Costa Rica fall semester programs because they could have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the culture’s native language. Since Spanish is Costa Rica’s primary language, students could develop skills and knowledge in the classroom and then immediately apply them when they step outside. Imagine practicing your Spanish as you ask for directions or place an order at a restaurant! That’s definitely different from answering questions in a textbook.

STEM majors may also find a wide range of things to study. Since Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse regions on the globe, there could be many opportunities to observe the animals, the environment, and ongoing conservation efforts. Who knows? These programs might even include field work that has you exploring the lush jungles and white sand beaches. These are just a few programs you could pursue in Costa Rica. Check with your intended program to see what options may be available to you.

Besides the academics, studying in Costa Rica during the fall semester might also be a great way to escape some colder climates! Due to the country’s small distance to the equator, Costa Rica stays relatively the same warm temperature year-round. While this may be the status quo for Costa Ricans, for you it may be a welcome retreat from the chilly autumn and winter nights back home. Some other countries might be covered at snow this time of year – making it hard to get out and explore. But in Costa Rica, a pair of sandals and a bathing suit are almost required!

Speaking of exploration, keep reading to see what adventure you could get yourself into in Costa Rica!

Eat, Sleep, Adventure: Things to See, Do (and Eat!) in Costa Rica

While Costa Rica fall semester programs may boast challenging and engaging academics, the country has much to offer outside the classroom as well. To be honest, there’s almost nothing more Costa Rican than coffee and there are plenty of ways to take in the bustling industry. Stop by one of the many coffee farms for a tour of harvesting facilities and maybe even a brief overview about coffee’s history. Of course, many tours end with a complimentary cup of café – which might give you more energy to continue your sight-seeing!

Or, if you didn’t get that energizing cup of coffee, you could always take a nature cruise through Costa Rica’s many rivers and estuaries. This might be a great way to explore the jungles and catch a glimpse of some native wildlife – without all the walking. The Tortuguero canals and the Caño Negro wetlands may be great places to kick up your feet, sip a relaxing beverage, and take in the sights and sounds of this tropic paradise.

That exploring has probably left you famished – you’re in luck, because Costa Rica is full of delicious foods that might be great for restoring your adventuring spirit. Why not start big and try out Costa Rica’s national dish, gallo pinto. Translated, that’s spotted chicken. Its name is interesting because, well…there’s no chicken in it! The dish is made by stir-frying rice and beans together in a pan to create a speckled appearance. Each region varies their recipe slightly with spices and herbs from the surrounding area, so be sure to eat this dish often! Or, if it’s around lunch time, try hunting down a married man – no, not an actual married man! It’s typically called casado in Spanish and was named that because wives would often pack this meal for their husbands inside a banana leaf for them to take to work. The meal usually consists of rice, beans, and a meat of your choice. It’s supposed to be like a homecooked meal wrapped up for on-the-go travel – perfect for the exploring student!

Use these suggestions a starting point for your Costa Rican adventures. But be sure to speak with your intended program to see if they offer any additional excursions as part of their curriculum!

Get Ready for Fall Study Abroad Costa Rica Programs!

Say “hasta luego!” to your typical academics and get ready to say “hola” to fall semester Costa Rica. Before you say your goodbyes, continue further down this page for a list of potential programs. Use the menus on this page to further refine your search. Or, click a program link to find out more about a particular program. Good luck finding a perfect fall study abroad Costa Rica program!