Summer Study Abroad in Shanghai | Shanghai Summer ProgramsShanghai offers the curious student plenty to explore. Its character embodies a blend of the traditional and modern; the common and rare. As students peruse its streets, they’re equally likely to find a restaurant serving inexpensive made-at-the-table noodles and an upscale boutique selling world-class fashion. They can wander through a Buddhist temple and peaceful garden one day and march through busy streets lined with European architecture the next. Shanghai is a city of delightful contrasts, and you can enjoy them all while you study abroad in Shanghai. 

Why Consider Summer Study Abroad in Shanghai Programs

By spending a summer studying abroad in Shanghai, you can enjoy the many advantages of studying abroad without having to commit to a semester or year. This may make your adventure more like an extended vacation, but with the added benefit of expanding your mind and earning academic credit. For many students, summer study abroad programs provide a perfect opportunity to continue school while also enjoying a change in scenery, people, and culture.

To see what summer study abroad programs in Shanghai might work for you, explore our sponsored listings. There you’ll find plenty of information and contact details for specific programs. Shanghai and your summer adventure eagerly await your arrival!

In Shanghai, be sure to visit:  

  • The Bund, a beloved waterside walkway. 
  • The Yuyuan Garden
  • The Jade Buddha Temple
  • Xin Tian Di, an area infused with historical and cultural energy 

Fun Fact: People often practice the ancient art of Tai Chi not only in public parks but while walking down the street, waiting in line, and otherwise standing around. Why not join this trend? It might be great for your academic focus.    

  • Eastern Michigan University

  • Georgia State University

  • Stony Brook University (S.U.N.Y.)

  • The University of Southern Mississippi

  • New York Film Academy

  • University of Hong Kong, The