High School Abroad in Norway: Learn in the Land of Vikings

Norway is one of the most pristine Scandinavian countries, made up of seemingly endless mountain ranges, glaciers, and deep coastal fjords. If you choose to study in Norway, you’ll have access to the country’s modern cities, such as capital city Oslo, and its awe-inspiring natural wonders. Plus the high number of English-speaking locals may make it the perfect destination for your abroad high school program.

Studying in Norway

Are you interested in studying a specific subject such as history in Norway? You can explore the Norwegian Viking past at the Vikingskipshuset, or the Viking Ship Museum, with its beautifully preserved fleet of 10th-century ships. Or visit the Norsk Folkemuseum, which is the world’s oldest open-air museum and focuses on traditional Norwegian culture. Aspiring art student? Visit the Munchmuseet, or the Edvard Munch Museum as it’s called in English, and explore the works of the master beyond his famous painting, The Scream.

Or perhaps you’d like to make new friends from around the world in one of Norway’s intercultural programs? You may learn valuable skills and get an international high school education that will help your transcript stand out when it comes time to apply for college. No matter your goals, high school abroad in Norway may be perfect for you. So get looking today!