Studying abroad for high school in China allows for a great adventure. Whether you’re visiting famous sights such as the Great Wall of China or Tiananmen Square or sinking into the natural beauty of the Yellow Mountains or the Li River, you’re likely to see and enjoy new and exciting things. And, even as you live your day-to-day life, you’ll get to enjoy lantern-lined streets, bustling markets, and temples steeped in love. These are all treasured aspects of Chinese culture you may experience in High School Study Abroad in China programs.

When you’re in China, be sure to try:

  • Steam-filled buns for breakfast
  • Noodles made from a ball of dough right at your table
  • Fried Mashi
  • The Chinese hamburger

Why Choose a High School in China to Study Abroad?

Whether you head to China for a summer, semester, or school year, you’re likely to enjoy a life-enhancing experience. High School Study Abroad in China programs help students earn academic credit and enhance their college applications. Many students also expand their global awareness and develop invaluable life skills. These and plenty other gifts may be yours when you study abroad in China.

To explore study abroad options for high school in China, visit our sponsored listings below. You’ll find information about program duration, type, and subject. Once you find a program you like, contact the sponsor directly for details. Then, jump right in! For many students, the excitement begins the moment they register.

Fun Fact: Beijing’s Forbidden City palace has approximately 9000 rooms!

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