Not too keen on the idea of finishing out your high school years stateside? Or maybe you’re ready to venture out into the world before you focus on getting a college education. Whichever is the case, you may be interested in the notion of attending high school in Australia. While you may not play with kangaroos between classes of fling boomerangs during your physical education courses, attending high school exchange programs Australia could be a great life experience and a way to broaden your understanding of life and education in different countries.

Accredited High Schools in Australia

If it’s an accredited high school you’re searching for in Australia, know that South Australia Government Schools are accredited and designed to cater to international students. Schools may be equipped with cutting edge technology along with music and sporting facilities. Something you might like about the program is that there are different tracks for international high school students interested in a purely cultural experience and those who would like to graduate from an Australia high school. Overall program length ranges from one to four terms to as many as five years.[i] 

Trimester and Semester High School Programs

You might prefer to have a short Australian high school experience. If so, you could be well-suited for a trimester or semester program.[ii] Greenheart Travel’s high school program features everything from music bands, drama productions and activities to weekend sports. Such programs could include opportunities to visit wildlife parks and get up close and personal with koalas or explore local museums and art galleries while you stay with a host family.[iii]   

If you like the idea of enrolling in high school exchange programs Australia but are worried about the overall cost of the experience, scholarship opportunities might be available. For instance, Greenheart Travel offers a $4,500 program scholarship. To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must submit a writing sample, video introduction, video essay and have the right academic background. Be sure to reach out to a Greenheart Travel representative for the most current requirements, if you’re interested.[iv] 

Post-High School Australian Learning Experience

If you’ve already graduated from high school, or if you’re currently in your final year of high school, there are still study abroad learning opportunities to take advantage of in Australia. Specifically, Pacific Discovery offers a month-long summer program for high school graduates and gap year students.[v]

As a program participant, you have the chance to participate in volunteer conservation work, learn how to surf, hike and explore the Whitsunday Islands. This particular program is mainly focused on conservation, and as such participants learn about Australia’s ecological and environmental history as well as how the continent’s unique culture has influenced its citizens and plant life. You also have the option of combining the program with others and traveling to Fiji and New Zealand for two months during the summer.[vi]

High School Exchange Programs Australia

You might be on the fence about whether learning at a high school in Australia is a good option for you. A study abroad program might make for a great learning opportunity as well as the chance to make new friends down under. What’s more is being away from home and spending time in another country may make for a good preview of what your life could be like should you decide to travel away from home for college; you might even decide to remain in Australia to gain a degree. Lessons you learn while across the ocean could easily transfer to other areas of future life, both your personal and your professional life.

Check out high school exchange programs Australia today. There are a variety of options designed to meet a variety of needs.

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