Summer Law programs provide you with a chance to learn many different types of law. It may be possible to further enhance this knowledge through enrolling in a law school study abroad program. When you study law abroad, you may have an invaluable opportunity to learn more about international law, legal guidelines in other countries, and get an international perspective on your home country's laws and government. This fresh prospective might help you to become a better lawyer and have a more competitive resume or CV.

Summer law programs abroad may also provide you with the chance to learn how to communicate with people form other cultures and backgrounds. If you choose to go somewhere that does not speak your native tongue, then you may have the opportunity to learn a new language. With the influx of movement around the world, it may be possible that you interact with people from multiple backgrounds and cultures in your law practice. By spending the time learning about the culture in the native location, you may be able to better serve that population in the city or town where you choose to practice law in the future.

Summer Law Programs

Because of the often-intense curriculum in law school, some summer law programs may take place during the summer. In these programs, you might also have the chance to intern at a law firm or government agency in the country you visit. This may provide you with a way to get experience working in your particular field of law while also broadening your perspective in a different country. Some places have summer law school programs that are associated with your home university, which reduces some of the anxiety you might have about the program. Many law school summer study abroad programs provide an amazing experience that could easily be applied to your education at your current school. It might just take some extra paperwork and discussions with your advisor, and any financial aid that you currently have might not apply to the summer program, depending on your school.

Law School Study Abroad

When you head abroad, your summer law school program may not be all work and no play. Spending a longer period of time in a location provides you with the chance to see it from the view of a native person. Although many of your hours may be spent studying, you also may have a chance to go and see some of the most famous sights of the area. Are you studying law in London? Walk along the Thames, check out Parliament, and listen to Big Ben ring. Studying law in China may not only give you a look into the legal guidelines of a communist country, but you can also take a weekend to go walk the Great Wall. Although many law school summer programs are short, it might be possible to extend your time by a week or two to see as many sights as you can. You are already in the area, so you might as well take advantage of it in case you never have a chance to come back.

Types of Law School Study Abroad

There are many different programs in place to study law abroad. Some may include a class or two, while others may be international internships. Some schools also have semester or year long programs where you enroll in an approved foreign university to study international law. When deciding what program to choose, you may want to think about your future goals. The type of law you wish to study, as well as whether you wish to be a litigator or work as a corporate lawyer may also affect what type of program will help you the most. You may also simply wish to choose a program in a country you have always wished to visit or whose legal system you find interesting. Research our database of programs to find one matching your interests and goals.