If you are thinking about earning your master’s degree abroad, there are a number of Graduate School Abroad in China programs that place you in this dynamic, country. While it is fair to think of China as a an ancient civilization with rich traditions and spectacular landscapes, China has made strides in the past years and is fast-becoming a global superpower.[i] Since graduate school tends to be the time and place to leverage your research skills and expand your resume in the hopes of opening your horizons to a variety of potential career paths, an international master’s program with China as the backdrop warrants consideration.

Why Consider Graduate School Abroad in China?

If you are coming from North America, Graduate School Abroad in China is one way to get that ‘world-wide’ perspective in your field of study. Not to mention, it might be a great way to boost your confidence as you navigate so many new customs, cultures and of course, the Chinese language. Of course, if you are ready for adventure and academics but not for the entire two years that it typically takes to earn a master’s degree, you may be able to find a shorter program or one where you can complete an internship abroad. In either case, if you elect a to earn a Master’s or Ph.D. in China, you have the opportunity to engage with your subject from the standpoint of another education system and perhaps have access to research that furthers your own. 

DID YOU KNOW? There are at least 33 occupations that the Bureau of Labor Statistics designates as requiring a master’s degree for entry-level jobs. In others, a master’s degree may not be required but having one may lead to advancement and/or higher wages.[ii] (BLS)

Potential Benefits

There may be any number of potential benefits to attending Grad School Abroad in China. Some are going to be personal and you may not know how rich the experience was until years later. Some are general;

  • An international experience of any length may help you integrate into the local culture
  • You may become more fluent in the Chinese or Mandarin language
  • You may develop long-term working relationships (meet new colleagues)
  • You may be able to collaborate on a research project
  • Possible independence to travel within China, coordinate your own bucket-list of excursions and time-off activities to supplement your courses and independent research

In It for The Academics

While the allure of seeing the Great Wall of China, the palaces, Buddhas and spectacular mountains and lakes are appealing, study abroad graduate programs are likely demanding and you want to make sure that your host country has appeal academically. China definitely has a lot going on;

  • In terms of their emphasis on public health and preventive medicine if you are a Masters of Public Health student
  • China has a history of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism if you are studying comparative religion, cultural studies, East Asian studies (literature, poetry, philosophy)
  • China has made considerable strides in scientific research (physics, physiology, technology, mathematics, engineering, telecommunications, computer science and technology)
  • Masters in Archaeology students may find China brings alive the concept of “cradle of civilization” and Masters of Architecture students can marvel at the contrasts of modern skylines in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong with the ancient palaces and temples.
  • If you are earning a Master’s degree in conservation, environmental studies or biodiversity, china is the world’s leading investor in renewable energy commercialization, has over 32,000 species of vascular plants, 10,000 recorded species of fungi and over 2,349 nature reserves among other things.[iii]

Words to the Wise

Preparation is pretty key for going overseas in general, and planning to go to Graduate School Abroad in China specifically. Applications need to be filled out, deadlines met, and careful consideration as to the right program, your finances, housing, transportation to and from and how university credits are transferred and applied. Plus, if you aren’t familiar with the language, it might be wise to consider taking a few preparatory lessons.

Take the Next Step

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