Why Gap Year Programs in Germany?

If you’re ready to set off on an international adventure before buckling down and starting your academic career,gap year programs in Germany may be a great choice for you. You could have the time to explore a new country as you take on classes to help find your passion. This might lead you to a whole new academic outlook when you return!

Germany is home to historic sites, beautiful scenery and a dynamic culture. So, are you ready to begin this memorable journey? Then keep reading to find out the in’s and out’s of a gap year in Germany!

Your Year Abroad or What You Could Do in Germany

Before you’re tied down with the responsibilities and homework associated with attending a college or university, gap year programs in Germany could be a great opportunity to get out and see the world. By studying abroad before attending college, the program might not have to compete with a busy undergraduate schedule. Plus, this could be a great time to test out some perspective concentrations. Through a gap year in Germany program, you could try out coursework in a variety of areas to see what interests you. This may help inform your decision when it’s time to choose a future major or career path.

Perhaps you’re considering pursuing a concentration in German – what better place to study the language than its country of origin! Or maybe you’re interested in the specifics surrounding German history and want to study the actual sites. Of course, those interested in music may find a unique form of study in the birthplace of the lieder! The courses you take during your gap year may even transfer over and become valuable undergraduate credits in the future! Every school and program is different, so you’ll have to check with your potential university. However, your adventure might help you with your academics before you’ve even enrolled in your undergraduate program.

Get Out and Explore Germany!

Of course, there’s also all the fun you could have outside the classroom to consider. This might be your first time leaving home and being away from loved ones. The surest way to cure homesickness is a big meal shared with friends. Socializing – and food – are a great way to get your mind off things. If you’re looking for something more familiar, you may want to try maultaschen. This dish is similar to ravioli, and consists of doughy stuffed noodles. You might also want to try kartoffelpüree – mashed potatoes. These meals could help ease you into your time abroad. Once you’ve become a more adventurous eater, then you might try speck, more commonly known as lardo. If that wasn’t a big enough clue, it’s lard! German’s love this fatty delicacy and you may learn to love it! Or, you could stick with those tasty potatoes.

With food now in your belly, and homesickness a thing of the past, you should take the chance to go out and explore your temporary home. If history interests you, take a trip to the Berlin Wall. While the wall fell in 1961, many of its graffitied remnants remain throughout the city. For those looking to get outside, there’s plenty of opportunities for activities like hiking, cycling, and kayaking. The Berchtesgaden National Park could be a great place to take in sweeping, panoramic views of Germany’s natural wonders.

These are just a few of the fun activities and sites to explore. With a little research, you’ll likely find too many things to fill your gap year in Germany! The hard question becomes, what will you choose?

Finding a Great Gap Year in Germany for You

Gap year programs in Germany may be your opportunity to take some time to discover your dream academic pursuits. There is just one small decision you must make before rushing out the door, though – what your perfect gap year program is! StudyAbroad.com is here to help and has made a list of potential programs you can view further down this page. Feel free to browse these programs to see if any of them are in a location or offer a concentration that might interest you. Or you can filter the list by location or subject using the menu bar. Who knows? You could find a perfect program waiting for you!

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