Degree Abroad in France Programs InformationThose who are looking abroad when searching for the perfect Bachelor or Master’s program a full degree Degree Abroad in France program might be something to seriously consider. Full degree programs are unlike a typical study abroad course load. Not only do you stay in the region of your choice for the length of your degree, but you also have a greater chance of experiencing France in an immersive fashion.

Why Choose France?

France is the most popular international tourist destination.[i] This is likely due to the gorgeous landscapes, the warm and inviting French people and of course Paris the city of love. France once dominated European culture and influenced the United States both culturally and politically. A most notable reference of that is the impact of the French Revolution had on the American Revolution.[ii]

Why Consider A Full Degree Program in France?

There can be many reasons why a student might want to a degree abroad in France. You might be interested in an immersive French experience, attracted to the prospect of pursuing a degree and hopefully a career in France, or other personal reasons. If the idea of earning a degree abroad in France excites you, read on for some experiential benefits.

Fashion Forward

Paris is one of the top fashion hubs and has been the home base to some of the most iconic fashion designers the world has ever seen. Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior are just some of the most notable French designers. Those who are studying fashion or the business of fashion would be likely to fall in love with the City of Light and the endless supply of haute couture. Fashion students or even fashion admirers might also love attending a Paris Fashion week which is held twice a year for spring and fall collections.

No Testing Required

Many Master’s programs, in your home country and abroad, require students to take the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) test. This can be a daunting task for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time or is simply not the best test taker. Be sure to research full degree programs that allow you to apply without a GRE score.

Art & History

Some historians believe that fine art was cultivated within the French artist community.[iii] Neoclassism, Romanticism and Impressionism are some of the most quintessential art styles that French artists have produced. Those who are pursuing a degree in art, art history or humanities might greatly appreciate visiting the many museums throughout the country including the Louvre, where such popular works as the Mona Lisa are displayed.

Learn French as You Study

If you are a student looking to pursue a degree while learning French, research immersive language programs in France. You might be able to find the perfect program for you that offers a full degree in France that is taught partially or primarily in French. This type of program might allow you to complete a degree without taking extra language courses.

Learning French can be a valuable asset for someone who wishes to pursue a career in France or work in an international organization. Over 200 million people speak French and although many French citizens may know English they prefer to speak in French. Also, a great deal of those 200 million French speakers are located in Africa, so there are many potential opportunities to travel for business or pleasure if you gain proficiency in French.[iv]

A Business Hub

France is considered an important part of the European community, especially in a business sense. Those who seek to pursue a full degree in France that focuses on business, management, marketing or even finance might greatly appreciate the fast paced business sector of the country.

Explore the Possibilities of a Full Degree Abroad in France

Students who seek more from a study abroad program should be encouraged to pursue and apply to a degree abroad in France. To discover specific degree programs that might fit your career goals, time frame or other needs, click on the “Select a Level”, “Select a City” and “Select a Specialty” drop down menus. There you just might find the perfect full degree program in France waiting for you. Au Revoir!

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