Among the folklore and history of England lies the rigorous coursework necessary to study engineering. With the Union Jack overheard, students could participate in a growing engineering community while partaking in sight-seeing ventures that support their in-classroom studies. Who would have guessed that a country rich in historical sites and mythic fantasy would also boast challenging coursework ready to accept and welcome a new generation students? Read on for informaon about Study Engineering in England programs.

Why Study Engineering in England?

England provides some unique facets that may make it a great location for you to study engineering. One of the possible advantages of studying in England is that many schools present a high standard of education that meets internationally recognized professional engineering qualifications. Looking to jump into a newer engineering field? Recently, English schools – and industries that they work congruent with – are pushing towards development in the field of environmental engineering. Speaking of industry advancements, England is also making strides in space exploration engineering, making it a great place for budding engineers.

Engineering Marvels

Feats of engineering ingenuity speckle the English countryside and cityscapes. It might even be hidden beneath your feet! The London Underground runs underneath the streets – its constant rumble a subtle reminder of the constructive engineering put into it. If you’re looking for a more historical glimpse of the development of engineering, go and see the world’s first passenger train in Manchester. There is so much to see, so be sure to chat with professors to get their recommendation for their favorite sight-seeing expeditions!

DID YOU KNOW? “Big Ben” doesn’t refer to the tower located at London’s Houses of Parliament. It actually refers to the “The Great Bell” housed inside the tower.

Historic Architecture

Of course, many engineering marvels aren’t modern, but were the developments of past eras. Take a look around England and you’re sure to find beautiful architecture from bygone days still standing. Westminster Abbey in London is an ornate structure constructed over 700 years ago – and still towering majestically and open for public tours. Other sites such as the Tower of London, the University of Cambridge, and Windsor Castle are additional examples of English constructive ingenuity at work in present day.

Also a fan of literature? The British boast a wide array of famous native writers and luckily, many of these authors’ houses – and even some of their original works – are available for tours. Relive your memories of Pemberley by touring Jane Austen’s family cottage. Charles Dickens’ London home has also been converted into a museum displaying his life and works. With Scotland so close, you might even be able to make a weekend getaway to visit the restaurant where J. K. Rowling wrote her famous works.

A Touch of Magic

Stepping out of your scientific studies, it’s time to investigate the magical aspects of the British countryside. Perhaps you’ll choose to see Stonehenge – a site in northern Salisbury that has been a point of mythological speculation. Or, you might visit The Shell Grotto in Margate: a beautiful, underground chamber decorated entirely with natural seashells. The exact time of the creation of the grotto is unknown, but the ornate site is steeped in wonder. Of course, if you’re looking for something a bit spookier, many cities offer their own local ghost tour! Be sure to grab friends for what is sure to be a scary night.

Find a Full Degree Engineering Program in England

If you are considering studying engineering in England, there’s two important things to remember. You could take part in an internationally recognized degree program and participate in the development of new and growing fields. And you might have access to a wide variety of places to explore – many beneficial to the very academics you are pursuing. It seems like a balanced experience that combines intense academics with a dash of fun. You may be talking about it for years to come! You can start your search by browsing the listings below. And don’t forget to click “Learn More” for additional information on Study Engineering in England programs or to contact programs directly. Happy Study Engineering in England programs searching!