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There are three stages or components to the course.
London, United Kingdom
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Full Degree
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Graduate Certificate

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Program Description:
There are three stages or components to the course. The introductory component gives you an appreciation of the problems and methods employed to enable data and digital signals to becommunicated via networks both locally and worldwide. It provides a basic understanding of the principlesand practices of data communication, digital transmission, digital switching, networking and the protocols that have to be adopted for orderly and open system communication. The advanced component facilitates an in depth study of the broad field of data and computer communications, including networks, protocols, and performance criteria and evaluation with reference to different types of transmission media (e.g. Copper, Optical Fibre, Space). It gives an understanding of the key topics of data and computer communications. These include methods, principles, design approaches, international standards, and defacto standards. The supporting component serves as a tool to analytical methods currently in widespread use in communications. It gives a thorough understanding of the theoretical principles and the techniques used to process information. It will provide an understanding of communication systems that transmit and detect information in digital forms, and teach the principles of digital communication systems in terms of system design, performance analysis and evaluation.

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