Selling the Value of Study Abroad to Stubborn Parents


I always call my parents on Sundays. Every week, I know that around five o’clock, they will summon me out of my silent library cubby, eager to catch up and tell me about their week, just as eager as they are to hear about mine. A few months ago, my Sunday call was different. I woke up panicked and couldn’t manage to calm myself down throughout the day. So, when they called, I immediately started babbling and dumping my anxieties on them.

How Study Abroad & International Internships Prepare You for the Workplace



I like to call myself the CEA poster child. I studied in London through CEA for a year, was the Mobile Journalist during that time, participated in the internship program, became an Alumni Ambassador before being hired on full-time on the marketing team. OK, that is a lot of information that you may not need to know, but I like to flaunt. I’m actually here to show you how studying and interning abroad can help your future career – whatever it may be.

Journey Ahead: Pre-departure Thoughts


This spring semester I will be studying abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France. I have been dreaming of warm croissants near the Eiffel tower for about 21 years and it is about to become a reality. Throughout my research and time prepping for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, here are some of the tips I have found most helpful. It is a summation of what I have learned from others who have studied abroad and some of the key things they wish they would have known. 

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