I like to call myself the CEA poster child. I studied in London through CEA for a year, was the Mobile Journalist during that time, participated in the internship program, became an Alumni Ambassador before being hired on full-time on the marketing team. OK, that is a lot of information that you may not need to know, but I like to flaunt. I’m actually here to show you how studying and interning abroad can help your future career – whatever it may be.

Personal growth & Development

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: something along the lines of, “I never thought I could have grown this much,” or, “it was an unreal experience, for which I am eternally grateful.” It’s true, the personal and professional growth you experience while on a stint abroad whether you’re studying, interning, or both will not only help your résumé stand out, but you’ll be able to nail that interview with all the experiences and soft skills you can apply to your future career. What’s dealing with that tough person in the office when you’ve navigated your way through the souks in Morocco or the trails in Prague?

Life-long friends (and connections)

Networking is truly the best way to get a job. Sure, all of those certifications and technical skills (still very important) are the foundation of an incredible career, but it’s all in who you know. Getting out of your comfort zone and mingling with your international classmates and professors as well as the professionals after work will go a long way for your list of connections and your interpersonal skills (see above). Hey, maybe you’ll meet up with your flatmates two years later and make a trip to the Grand Canyon. All great things.

Internships are an unrivaled way to experience the culture in the workplace and of your new host city and diversify your work experience. Having taken the initiative to intern or study abroad puts you above your competition, it really says something about your academic achievements and makes you culturally aware in the globalized culture.

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Hanna N. is the Marketing Specialist for CEA and was a 2014/2015 student with CEA Study Abroad.