As a marketing, public relations or advertising student, you might have the desire to develop the brand reputations of companies or famous people, to learn about what makes consumers tick and to sell a certain image. One excellent way to develop your skills is to interact with folks from various cultures and backgrounds. You potentially could learn more about how to craft universal messages, how to appreciate various perspectives and how one business can reach a diverse range of people. To be sure, the United States offers invaluable lessons in this arena, but marketing programs abroad or public relations study abroad has the possibility of giving you hands-on experience and enriching your perspective on what makes for effective marketing and public relations. It might give you a better idea of successful versus unsuccessful strategies, especially with this increasingly global economy.

With study abroad marketing, you might learn how to better communicate with people. For example, you could gain more insight into how humor can work to shape a marketing or public relations message, and you may glean insights into marketing or public relations tactics that governments and businesses in other countries take that might be better or unusual when compared with the norm in the United States. By visiting another country and spending time there, you have a possibly life-changing experience to add many dimensions of depth to yourself as a person and to your studies. You could seek out opportunities such as internships or volunteer work to get even more hands-on experience and to help narrow down the type of company you might like to work with and the type of work you might want to be involved in.

Marketing Programs Abroad

It is possible that your present education program enables you to spend a semester abroad while you are in undergraduate school. If not, or if you have fallen in love with a particular country and want to return, you could consider the possibility of marketing, public relations or advertising study abroad in a graduate program. These types of international programs might provide various ways for you to complete them, for example, with different timetables, costs or requirements. Studying abroad under one of these programs could also help you to pursue the potential cross-cultural benefits of international marketing study along with expanded personal and professional networks and increased business savvy.

International marketing, public relations and advertising programs

You should think about where you might prefer your marketing study abroad to take place. For instance, are you fluent in a language other than English and interested in immersing yourself in a culture where that language is spoken? Do you want to work for a large company one day that has its headquarters or significant operations in a particular country? Consider factors such as your personal preferences, potential study goals and potential career goals. People who are studying Spanish and who are interested in using their bilingualism to gain a foothold in a company that has a strong market in areas such as Mexico and South America might want to study in one of these countries.

Types of marketing, public relations and advertising programs abroad

There are potentially quite a few marketing programs abroad, public relations or advertising study abroad programs that might pique your interest. Consider factors such as whether you can (or want to) enroll in a program through the U.S.-based school you attend or if you prefer to handle enrollment matters directly with an international university. Think about how long you want to be overseas, and mull over whether you would enjoy studying abroad more if you were with a group of classmates from your school or if you were on your own. The process involves many factors, so if you need assistance, please take a look at our Resources section.