Are you ready to head out on a world-wide adventure that combines your humanities education with cultural experiences? If so, then choosing to study humanities abroad may be the trip of a lifetime. Coursework and exploration form a coordinated program. The program may include both valuable university credits and personal growth. You could learn about your host country’s unique perspective on your chosen academic concentration. And, at the same time. you can get get the chance to experience their particular cultural traditions. Studying humanities in Europe could give you a very different outlook than studying in South America. A humanities program abroad could be your chance to gain a new viewpoint on your chosen concentration. A humanities program abroad could also be your opportunity to get out and delve into the experiences a new country has to offer.

Why Study Humanities Abroad?

Deciding to study Humanities abroad may place you in the epicenter of your chosen concentration. For example, you could study music in countries renowned for their mastery of the art, like France or Italy. Or, you could study languages in their native countries, like learning Spanish in Mexico. There are plenty of ways to apply what you’re studying to where you study. This could be a great opportunity for you expand your educational horizons.

Speaking of the “where,” international collaboration may be a prime factor in your decision to study humanities abroad. While the programs may feature a new perspective from your host country, they may also include other students from around the globe. You could have the opportunity to engage with other international viewpoints – some that may drastically differ from your own! This could be a great way to expand your own academic consciousness and experience more of the world through the eyes of your new friends.

Finally, cultural activities specific to your host country could be part of your program. Schools may organize trips or excursions for you to experience authentic, regional experiences. This could be a great way to delve into the local culture in a way a tourist visit may not allow you to do! Read program listings and reach out for more information to learn more about what might be in store for your international adventure.

“The goal should be that everybody gets a chance to read great books and participate in the richness that humanities brings us.” – Bill Gates