Teach Abroad in France | Teach English in Frace ProgramsTeach Abroad in France programs might be the perfect opportunity for someone who is pursuing a degree in education in search for practical understanding while having an unforgettable study abroad experience. This may be an unmatched opportunity for a student who desires to share knowledge of the English language to students young or old. The precious gift of language you have the prospect to teach your students might be just as treasured as what you might get out of a teaching abroad experience.

Why Pursue to Teach English in France?

France is a country in Europe nestled in the western region between Spain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. Studying and teaching abroad might be an unforgettable educational journey, but the prospect of living in France could also be a part of a bigger personal journey as well. Not only will you have the opportunity to live, work and make personal connections in a foreign country, but you may have the potential to travel to other countries throughout Europe during your stay.

Gain Practical Experience

France's educational philosophy focuses competition, analytical thought and setting high standards for you and your students.[i] Being a teacher in France means you have ultimate authority over your class. Although your curriculum is primarily state mandated, it’s up to you to make it into a teachable lesson.

Teaching English in France in a classroom setting can not only give you practical experience for your desired career, but it may also bring you to the realization that France might be the place to finish our your full degree or perhaps live there post-graduation.

Earn Certifications

Just like many parts of Europe, French schools now may either require or encourage their prospective teachers to earn a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) or CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certifications.[ii] Those who wish to pursue a potential career working as a teacher in France or perhaps another country in Europe might benefit from finding a program that would offer such certifications programs.

Choose Your Classroom

Teaching abroad can be constructed in many ways, but most of the placements are either a classroom setting or a more intimate setting of being a tutor for a French host family. Those who are accepted into a tutoring program are often intermediate or advanced French speakers, since these families don’t know much English to start off with. But don’t be discouraged if you are new to the language! Many classroom teaching programs give you the opportunity to learn French alongside your teaching responsibilities. Whichever path you may choose to pursue, a student earning a degree in teaching might greatly appreciate a program that allows them to Teach English in France.

Pick your Pupils

Paris might be an obvious choice when choosing the perfect Teach Abroad in France program, but it can be quite a competitive market. Many other cities offer specialized teaching programs. For example, some programs might give you the opportunity to mentor adults learning English. Many adults and teens seek to learn English fluently since it is the language of business and one of the most popular languages throughout the world. You have the potential of unlocking a whole new world for your students.

Take an Adventure and Teach Abroad in France

The extraordinary journey you’ve been waiting for is now in reach, now all you have to do is look for the perfect adventure that may fit your needs! Look for specific programs by using the drop down menus, “Select a City”, “Select a Duration” and “Select an Audience”. A perfect teach abroad program in France may await you there. Au revoir!

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