For the student interested in learning French, a French Intensive Language Study Abroad Program may be an exciting way either to begin the process or refine your speaking, writing, and reading skills. Available in a variety of countries worldwide, studying French in an immersive setting means soaking in the local culture and nuances of the language. With your host city as an interactive textbook, you get the opportunity to study in classroom as well as during outings with new friends or possibly through excursions that are geared to practicing what you may have learned in language labs.

Why consider a French Intensive Language Study Abroad Program?

Combine sightseeing with academic credit as you study French abroad in one of several countries where French is spoken widely. As the fourth most widely spoken mother tongues in the European Union, French is the official language of France; also widely spoken in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Africa and in some parts of Canada[i]. While you are likely to get different regional accents, an Intensive French Language Program may help you gain fluency and confidence. Choose from a variety of sponsored listings and decide whether you want to learn Parisian French in France, or take language courses in another country.

FUN FACT: if you want to say “to study” in French, you can say ‘etudier’ which is a verb[ii].