Intensive Language in Italy programs situate you in a country with rich history, magnificent landscapes, beaches, art and architecture. Home to 51 World Heritage sites – the most in the world[i]- Italian immersion programs offer students the opportunity to earn academic credit while soaking up the vibrant Italian culture and cuisine. Grow linguistically in class and through integration with your local community of international students or your homestay experience. If you are interested in learning Italian and want a dynamic experience, studying Italian in Italy is worth considering.

Why Consider an Intensive Language in Italy Program?

While Italy is visually stunning, if you don’t speak Italian, it may be like watching a foreign film with no subtitles – you see the pictures without fully ‘getting’ what is going on. Whether you speak some Italian before going or are starting out as a novice, Intensive Language in Italy programs offer you the opportunity to learn Italian, and possibly pick up some of its numerous dialects in the country where it is the official language.

DID YOU KNOW? The basis of the modern Italian language was established by the Florentine poet Dante Alighieri[ii] 

Language + Culture

A language immersion program transforms your host city into an interactive textbook and language lab. As the birthplace of Opera and the sonnet, Italian language and culture is replete with artworks, ancient architecture, monuments, sculpture (Michelangelo’s, David!), museums, cathedrals, piazzas and offers a really diverse landscape, from the Alps to the beaches of the Amalfi coast.

FUN FACT: How do you say “language’ in Italian? Say, ‘lingua’ (web)[iii]

Immersion and Integration

Participants often get the chance to integrate their classroom learning with thematic activities – whether in art and culture, regional cuisine and vineyard excursions, outdoor activities and other experiences. This is with the goal of expanding your language learning to include real-life situations and maximizing the resources of your local community.

Location – Location!

Italian Language Immersion programs are offered in a variety of cities in Italy. Imagine studying Italian in the hills of Perugia, near the canals of Venice or in Rome with the Colosseum as a backdrop! Choose the type of experience you want to have; if you love the outdoors, why not try a summer language program on Lake Garda in the Alpine town of Trentino! Or opt for a medieval city such as Siena, to take in the Tuscan hills as you study intensive Italian language courses, Latin studies and global leadership. Are you an art history buff? Explore the Renaissance culture in Florence. There are many sponsored programs to review and each has unique features! So how does one choose an intensive language program?

Don’t Hold Your Tongue

There are many schools that offer Intensive Language in Italy programs. Don’t be shy to ask questions to make sure you choose a good fit. Also, take a moment before searching to clarify your own goals. For instance:

  • Are you looking for more of a ‘holiday’ type of Italian immersion program or do you need to earn academic credits and possibly some type of qualification at the end?
  • Are you looking for a formal language school?
  • Would you prefer an informal program where you learn by doing and participating?
  • Does your program include extra-curricular activities (e.g. cooking classes) or more free time to explore on your own?
  • Do you prefer to stay with a family, where you are pretty much learning all the time, or do you prefer to look into accommodation with another international student? What are your options?
  • Do you want to take Italian as well as courses in English?
  • Check out the language school’s facilities – what resources are available to help you improve your skills?
  • What is the access to the school? Can you walk, use public transportation?
  • Are there interesting excursions scheduled?

Find an Intensive Language in Italy Program

Intensive Language in Italy programs offer you the opportunity to deepen your communication skills in Italian in a cohesive manner – learn in class, through interaction and exploration. Decide when you want to go, for how long, and what city most interests you. Then browse the sponsored listings for a selection of amazing options.  

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