French Immersion in France Programs InformationBonjour! If the prospect of learning French in an intensive fashion piques your interest, a French Immersion in France may be the perfect study abroad program for you. French is the primary language of France and many locals prefer only to speak in French, so French immersion courses in France might be best suited for a student who is willing to dive in head first into learning the language.

Your course schedule is likely to be comprehensive in terms of learning French but there is no need to cease learning once you’re out of the classroom. Be sure to work on your conversational skills while enjoying your chosen French study abroad experience. You have the unique opportunity to focus on your education while learning a language in the place of its origins. But it’s not all about studying, either! Seeing the sights, meeting fellow students both international and locally based as well as participating in cultural events are just some of the things you could to do to possibly enrich your study abroad experience.

Don’t let the fact that you’re a beginner hold you back from your dream of studying abroad. There are programs that may be available for complete beginners as well!

What Is Intensive or Immersive Language?

Intensive language or language immersion courses are a method of teaching students a second language, whether it be full time or part time language learning. In other words, you might be able to create a full course schedule abroad that would earn you credits towards a degree of your choice, all while learning French too. For intermediate or advanced level students, there might be a typical course schedule for your degree path and taught in French. For beginners or those who want more formal training, there could be language classes offered in conjunction with your studies.

Potential Perks of Learning to Speak French

Learning French could be very beneficial, since over 200 million people speak French today on the five major continents![i] Learning how to read and write French could enhance a student's if he or she wishes to pursue a degree and possibly a career in France or a French speaking country. Also a career in an international focused company or industry might be closer in reach if you become proficient in French.

Why Choose French Immersion in France Courses?

Students who wish to earn credits towards a degree while learning French may enrich their personal and educational experiences with a French immersion program in France.

A Taste of International Business

Many consider France an important country in the European Union both in an economic and business sense. Students pursuing a degree in business, finance, marketing or management may have the potential to thrive in cities like Paris. French immersion courses in France could also help students gain valuable knowledge in conversational, every day French. For those who seek an international career either in France or in a French speaking country, this might be the invaluable experience you’ve been dreaming of!

Rich with Art and History

France is full of historical sites to marvel at. The Palace of Versailles, the Louvre, and Eiffel Tower are all iconic places to visit and should not be missed. Students who wish to pursue a degree in art history or humanities might greatly appreciate a French Immersion in France and the sights they may see along their educational journey abroad.

And Maybe Become a Foreign Language Teacher

If you are a student pursuing a degree in teaching or wish to earn certifications to teach a language abroad, consider searching for programs that offer a TEFL/TESOL certifications alongside an intensive language program.

Discover the Possibilities

The perfect French immersion courses in France just might be out there for you, all you need to do is take the next step to research. To uncover programs that might fit your needs, use the “Select a City”, “Select a Duration” and “Select a Language” drop down menus. Au Revoir!

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