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Through our agreement with Linnaeus University, an array of courses will be made available for you to take. Areas of study believed to be of most interest to USAC students are included below as a sample of what the university offers. Courses are subject t
Stockholm, Sweden
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Summer

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*Due to the global health status worldwide, USAC is making programmatic changes to Summer & Fall 2021 programs, and some options might not be available. These changes are posted on individual program pages on the USAC website.* 

Summer 2021 has been suspended. 

Växjö is the capital of the Kronoberg region in southeastern Sweden. It was an important trading center as early as the eighth century and is located in the heart of the “Kingdom of Crystal,” so-called because world famous glassworks such as Kosta Boda and Orrefors are located there. Växjö is also known for its high-tech industry, paper and furniture manufacturing. The area around Växjö has forests, pristine lakes, hiking trails and unspoiled countryside, making it an attractive area for those who love the outdoors. There is a rich cultural life as well as an active nightlife. You can visit beautiful medieval churches and historic castle ruins, a modern concert hall, cafés, museums, a cathedral and the Swedish Emigrant Institute, which commemorates the great emigration from 1850 to 1930 when 1.3 million Swedes immigrated to the US. The Kalmar campus is located on Sweden’s Baltic Coast, opposite the island of Öland. The city of Kalmar was one of Sweden’s most important cities between the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries and still has a magnificent, well-preserved Renaissance castle. Kalmar and the surrounding areas also have a long tradition of craftsmanship in textiles, ceramics, glass and furniture.

Through our agreement with Linnaeus University, an array of courses will be made available for you to take. Areas of study believed to be of most interest to USAC students are included below as a sample of what the university offers. Courses are subject to availability and approval of prerequisites which are determined by Linnaeus University. Courses are taught by lecture with complete study guide and tutorial session support. The content of courses may consist of lectures, workshops, group exercises, discussions, tutorials, fieldwork, and seminars. In Sweden, students are generally expected to be active in the classroom as the classroom is characterized by interactive learning. A full-time load at Linnaeus University is 30 credits per semester (equivalent to approximately 15 US credits). The full-time semester or full-time year courses consist of several modules that total 30 credits per semester. You may take: a full-time semester/full-time year course for 30 credits/60 credits; or freestanding courses (either full-time or part-time) which are combined to make up a full-time load. If you choose to study in a full-time semester or full-time year course, you must take all of the modules that make up that course. They cannot be combined with freestanding courses or with other full-time semester or full-time year courses/modules. Modules cannot be chosen individually; they are only taken as part of a full-time course. There are freestanding courses, however; they can be combined to make up a full load of 30 credits. In Sweden, a student usually studies one course or module at a time (consecutive scheduling) rather than several at the same time (parallel scheduling). Examination takes place after each module or part-time course and, at the end of the semester, the student receives a cumulative grade for the full-time semester course as well as individual grades for each module or for each part-time course. Keep in mind that you must enroll in the equivalency of at least 12 US credits per semester (even if host university requirements are lower). Be sure to have plenty of primary and alternate course options in mind as schedules are subject to change and registration in your preferred courses is not guaranteed. Grades may not be ready until one or two months after exams are completed; in some cases it may take longer. Check your Credits, Courses, and Transcripts document in Gateway for details specific to your host university. The transcript evaluation and grade reporting process at your home university will also take time after your overseas transcripts arrives. If you plan to study here during your senior year, review your home university requirements carefully to allow enough time for grades to be posted for graduation. Plan to work ahead with your academic advisor if you will be using your study abroad coursework to meet prerequisites back at home.

The Växjö/Kalmar program is administered in the US by the USAC Central Office and in Sweden by a Program Coordinator who is responsible for the overall operations of the program abroad. The coordinator will arrange your housing, assist you with registration, provide the mandatory on-site orientation, and oversee your general well-being while on the program.

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Linnaeus University, the second largest university in southern Sweden, has an enrollment of approximately 35,000 Swedish and international students from over 50 countries studying at the two campuses. Although the majority of courses at the university are taught in Swedish, there are many courses in a wide range of fields taught in English which are open to USAC students. The university has two campuses. One is a central campus situated south of the Växjö town center in a park-like setting, five kilometers from the city center and close to a historic country house, Teleborgs Slott. Everything one might need is located on campus in Växjö. The other campus is located in Kalmar, on the Baltic coast. The Kalmar campus facilities are integrated into the town, rather than being on a centralized campus, but everything is within biking distance. Their proximity to the sea is reflected in an emphasis in nautical science, marine biology, and international commerce. Orientation is held separatel

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