Study Abroad in Spain | Study in Spain ProgramsLooking for an exciting European study abroad opportunity, rich with history, the arts, modern conveniences and exciting culture? You may want to study abroad in Spain. Located along the Mediterranean, between France and Portugal, Spain is an exciting location to spend your academic year, semester, or even a summer, taking your education out of the classroom, giving you valuable international travel experience, and even letting you practice your Spanish skills where it all started. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make your undergrad unforgettable, a study abroad in Spain program might be right for you.

Why Study Abroad in Spain?

Whether you’re interested in spending your fall semester, spring semester, summer, or even a whole year abroad, Spain has a lot to offer the curious student traveler, no matter your area of interest. From Ancient Rome to the Spanish Empire and beyond, Spain’s history and culture come out not only in history books, but in architecture, art, literature, religion, cultural traditions, and more. In fact, Spain is home to 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a fact that underlines the many opportunities this country could offer as your study abroad program of choice.

Plus, it’s the home of La Liga, one of the most popular soccer (or fútbol) leagues in the world. So whether you’re a Barça fan, love Real Madrid, or have a different affiliation, if you want to spend your time outside class in a passionate soccer culture, this one’s for you.

Spain not only boasts a number of famous cities, full of culture, history, and architectural wonders, but a warm climate and diverse terrain. From mountains to beautiful coastlines, rivers to islands, whether you’re a city dweller, or you’re the type who prefers to spend your time outside the classroom exploring nature, studying abroad in Spain is a great choice.

Learn Spanish Abroad in Spain

Are you a student of Spanish? Have you always wanted to build up your fluency by practicing your Spanish in the real world? Whether you are more of a beginner, or an advanced student looking for that immersive experience to build your fluency, Study abroad in Spain is a great place to choose. Especially if you’re interested in Castilian Spanish, the standard for Spanish-language European media and commonly spoken in the Northern and Central regions in particular, Spain is the place to bring your language practice from the classroom into the real world.

In addition to Castilian Spanish, you might be able to learn about Catalan, Galician, and other regional variants, building a broader understanding of the Spanish language and how it changes in different regions and cultures.  No matter your level, if you’re interested in learning and practicing European Spanish, Spain is the destination for you.

Immerse Yourself in Spanish History & Culture when you Study Abroad in Spain

Whether you’re a student of history, or have a personal interest, studying abroad in Spain might allow you to learn a lot not only about the history of Spain itself, but also Western Europe.

With historical artifacts dating all the way back to pre-history, spanning through a variety of cultures and conquerors—not to mention its own time as a conquering force—if you want to learn about history, archeology, anthropology, and more, Spain can bring your studies to life in a unique way. From cave paintings to the Roman Aqueducts to beautiful palaces like the Alhambra, Spain allows you to experience history alongside your more contemporary pursuits, walking on the same paths as famous historical figures.

Spain’s history is inextricably tied to its culture. For example, Moorish influence can be seen in architecture, music, education, infrastructure, and more. From its time as an Imperial power, with colonies and exploration around the globe, to civil war, throughout the World Wars, until today, programs to study abroad in Spain would be a great choice for any student interested in learning something new.

Study Abroad in Spain and Experience the Arts

Whether you’re a student of the arts already, or whether you want a study abroad experience rich with creative experiences, Spain might have something to offer you.

Love art history? Spain has a long and varied artistic tradition, and is well known for Moorish art and architecture, as well as Medieval and Renaissance art, especially religious art of those periods. Spain is home to a great number of famous artists, including Picasso, El Greco, Goya, and Salvador Dalí to name a few. While Spanish art has had a variety of influences including French and Italian, this area is one in which its Moorish influence may be especially prevalent, giving the art of Spain a unique style you can’t find anywhere else.

Spain is also home to diverse architecture, from Moorish architecture, to Mediterranean and Renaissance, Baroque, Romanesque, Neoclassical… you name it, you can probably find an example here, tinged by a uniquely Spanish influence. But it’s not just home to historical architecture. Spain is the home of a number of well-known 20th century architects, making it a great place to learn about the art today in addition to the greats that came before.

Other Art Programs Available for Study Abroad in Spain

But it’s not just the traditional visual arts. Spain is also home to great literary, musical, and even cinematic traditions. Whether your only exposure to Spanish literature was Don Quixote, or whether you’re a dedicated student of the Spanish literary canon, Spain has a lot to offer you.

As for music, whether you are a music student or curious about exploring a new discipline, Spain is the place for you. From traditions like medieval chant, through the Renaissance and Baroque periods to today, Spain’s history of notable musical accomplishments is broad. Perhaps the most famous example, though is flamenco, and Spanish guitar music in general. No matter whether you’re a serious musician or not, Spain is a great place to experience a deep and passionate musical culture.

Find Programs to Study Abroad in Spain Today!

So are you ready to seize the opportunity for an exciting study abroad experience in Spain? Whether you want to learn about the arts, history, a new culture, practice your language skills, or even if you’re in it for the soccer, Spain might be the place for you.  You might be able to study abroad in Spain for a single semester, the summer, or even a full academic year. If you’re ready to get started finding your study abroad program, let help you get started!