Study Abroad in Milan, Italy programs place you in a leading global city, known for its museums, theatres landmarks and yes, high fashion! But runways aren’t the only thing Milan is about; as one of the most urbanized regions in Italy, Milan boasts a thriving business district that includes Telecom, Fortune 500 companies, and a strong automotive manufacturing industry. In fact, companies such as Alfa Romeo and Pirelli have a significant presence in Milan[i]. If studying in Italy is something you are thinking about, a Milan study abroad offers you the opportunity of earning credit while exploring the distinct and famous Milanese culture.

Why Consider a Study Abroad in Milan?

If you like the idea of studying in one of the leading global capitals for industrial design, fashion and architecture, a Study Abroad in Milan might prove to be a rewarding and exhilarating undergraduate experience. Milan, though bustling in terms of business, fashion, finance and art nonetheless features numerous green areas and gardens. Whether you want to strengthen your language skills in an Italian immersion, study business and economics, or learn about luxury goods, there are a variety of fantastic programs to choose from.

FUN FACT: How do you say “business” in Italian? Say, ‘attivita commerciale’ (web

Where is Milan?

Milan is situated in the north-western section of the Po Valley. To the south, find the river Po, to the north find the foothills of the Alps with the great lakes (Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano) to west find the Ticino river and to the east, the Adda. If you can, get to the Sacred Mountain of Ghiffa, a devotional complex in Piedmont overlooking Lake Maggiore.


For finance, economics and business study abroad students, Milan’s business district is home to Italy’s Stock Exchange (the Borsa Italiana) and the headquarters of the largest national and international banks and companies[iii]

About the Art and Architecture

Milan boasts many impressive churches like the Duomo as well as some very well-known monuments like the Teatro alla Scala which was inaugurated in 1708 and still one of the world’s most famous opera houses.  Check out the Santa Maria delle Grazie -home to Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” the iconic renaissance painting. Milan also boasts many public art projects (sculptures, murals and artwork by many internationally renowned artists). So if you think it’s all an urban jungle, be prepared to be culturally awakened.


Milan ranks up with New York City, Paris and London in terms of fashion capitals of the world; Gucci, Versace, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana are all headquartered in Milan. Walk along the Via Monte Napoleone and Via della Spiga in the quadrilatero della moda (upscale fashion district) for creative and design inspiration. And yes, Studying fashion and design abroad in Milan sounds like a great idea.


Many of the art, design and fashion shows are trade fairs; Milan goes into party mode for things like the Fieramilano (furniture and fittings) but also has street markets, cultural heritage week and events like La Notte Bianca (White Night).[iv] The great thing about a Milan Study Abroad is that you get the insider scoop on what to do and see.

Alla Milanese

North Italian cuisine is unique; try cotolletta alla Milanese (breaded veal, pan fried in butter, risotto alla Milanese, local cheeses such as gorgonzola, mascarpone and taleggio.


Milan has hosted the FIFA world Cup and is the only city in Europe that is home to 2 two European Cup/Champions League winning teams. Sounds like a fun thing to watch with local friends on a study break.

Higher Education

Milan is home to some of Italy’s most prominent universities, the oldest of which is the Politecnico di Milano, founded in 1863; still the largest technical university in Italy. Other institutions include the Bocconi University which is ranked as the 7th best business school in Europe and numerous fine arts and music schools.

Find a Study Abroad in Milan Program

As you can tell, commerce and excitement is part of the Milan experience. The other thing that will make your Study Abroad in Milan unique is how you weave it into your undergraduate academic path. Choose a program to enhance your existing skills, leverage your strengths, or to build confidence in a new subject – or the Italian language. Browse some great sponsored listings in a variety of subjects, semesters and full academic year programs.

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