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Union Institute & University’s doctoral program plays a distinctive role in American higher education. Grounded in humanistic inquiry
Cincinnati, United States
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Full Degree
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Liberal Arts & Sciences

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Union Institute & University’s doctoral program plays a distinctive role in American higher education. Grounded in humanistic inquiry, the majors within the Ph.D. incorporate developing interdisciplinary fields of study in ways that advance your understanding of ethics, the creative process, and the possibilities of institutional and social change.

Union offers a rich academic environment, where you can interact with faculty and fellow students during flexible class times. The Ph.D. degree program utilizes a distributed learning model, which includes the integration of face-to-face and online courses, and monthly meetings with faculty, colleagues, and other professionals.

Each major program is rooted in the university’s fundamental commitment to provide interdisciplinary, socially relevant studies in a model that calls for you as a student to critically consider your studies within and beyond the classroom and then act upon that knowledge in the greater community.

Through an emphasis on social justice and the integration of theory and practice, students become agents of positive intellectual and social change. This exploration of the creative process provides you with a foundation for generating new ideas and solutions to the problems you will encounter throughout your professional and civic lives.

Areas of Study:

Doctor of Philosophy - Educational Studies:

Solve the problems in the educational system that have confounded scholars and practitioners for years.

As a graduate student in the Ph.D. with a major in Educational Studies program at Union Institute & University, you will dive in to these issues with a focus on social justice in pre-k-12 and higher education. Our distance education program takes an interdisciplinary approach, challenging you to think about issues across the educational spectrum. From multiculturalism to educational law and policy, Union prepares you to understand issues from all viewpoints so you can join the individuals working to solve them.

Doctor of Philosophy - Ethical and Creative Leadership:

Leadership cannot be explored without considering the relationship between power and authority or the relationship between leadership and change. As a doctoral student in the Ethical & Creative Leadership major at Union Institute & University, we encourage you to explore leadership from all perspectives.

In our distance learning program, you will examine established, contemporary, and emerging ideas of leadership through critical thinking, individual and cultural experiences, creative work, and scholarly research. We will challenge you toquestion your assumptions about leadership in a post-industrial world characterized not by careful planning, but by rapid change.

Union’s degree program is flexibly designed to fit your life and schedule. With the convenience of a distance education, you don’t have to sacrifice your commitments to earn a degree.

Doctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Culture

As part of the Ph.D. with a major in Humanities & Culture at Union Institute & University, you will study the human condition and explore creative ways to advance social justice and acknowledge differences in individuals and social groups.

Union’s flexible hybrid delivery Ph.D. program allows you to learn based on your schedule. Take charge of your education and future without interrupting your life.

Our distance learning program draws on a variety of humanities fields – social and political philosophy, history, religious studies, literature, and aesthetics – that relate to social justice and cultural differences.

Doctor of Philosophy - Public Policy and Social Change:

We are at a challenging moment in human history – a time when human activities impact the way our planet functions. Political failure and economic hardship have led to instability in many parts of the world. It is clear that we need to question and reexamine the principles and values that govern our society.

This is the mission of the Ph.D. program with a major in Public Policy and Social Change. Union Institute & University trains you to become a committed agent for social change and work to solve the issues within our societies. Our online hybrid delivery program is interdisciplinary, conditioning students to become engaged citizen-scholars who can study issues in their full complexity, not just from a narrow concentration. You will learn to reexamine the ways we generate knowledge and apply technique in a flexible, distance learning format.


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North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission

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