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Study journalism in Vienna for 5 weeks this summer with a UCSD professor
Vienna, Austria
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Study Abroad
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You will be able to learn about journalism in a city has been consistently ranked as the world’s most livable city (according to the annual Mercer survey) and hosts numerous international organizations and foreign correspondents. Vienna with its central location in Europe at the crossroads of east and west, north and south offers invaluable opportunities for understanding the role of the media in shaping not just European, but global issues such as immigration, global warming, and cultural change. In COMM 30GS we’ll focus on the role of journalism in a global system so that you’ll be able evaluate the challenges, benefits, and limitations of mass media. COMM 104GS focuses on analyzing media systems in Europe from a comparative perspective and will enable you analyze important differences with respect to journalistic and political cultures. During excursions you will have a chance to engage with a variety of journalists, spokespeople from international organizations (e.g. United Nations), and international non-profits (International Press Institute) as well as travel to Prague and explore the city’s rich cultural and political heritage.

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