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Chemistry and Materials Technology Specialization 1: Chemistry and Materials Technology Students of this programme acquire the basics of natural sciences and engineering disciplines as well as essential laboratory skills. Our laboratories offer up-to-d
Zlin, Czech Republic
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Tomas Bata University (TBU) is named after the originator of the shoe industry in Zlín and a world-famous Czech entrepreneur Tomáš Bata (1876 – 1932) in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the life and inhabitants of the town as well as the whole country and its economy. TBU is a progressive university, open to all new ideas. TBU is a dynamically growing higher education institution comprised of six faculties offering students the possibility of studying humanities, natural sciences, technology and art. It is one of the most prominent centres of research in the Czech Republic and, in many respects, also abroad. With a current student population of about 13,000, TBU ranks among medium-sized Czech universities. The current Rector of TBU is Prof. Petr Sáha who succeeded Prof. Ignác Hoza. Prof. Petr Sáha was also the first Rector when TBU was established. One of the essential parts of the University’s activities is research and development. TBU has developed cooperation with a number of research institutions worldwide, both in the European Union and in the United States, Canada, Russia, China, India, Japan among others. At TBU, considerable emphasis is laid on teaching English and other foreign languages. The offer of its degree programmes taught in English has been continually extended. Maximum support is given to all forms of international cooperation, i.e. student exchanges, lectures and teaching internships, joint research projects among others. Be in! Play in Zlin! Zlin is a great place offering you studies in economics, humanities, natural sciences, technical disciplines and arts. Tomas Bata University in Zlin rulez!

Chemistry and Materials Technology Specialization 1: Chemistry and Materials Technology Students of this programme acquire the basics of natural sciences and engineering disciplines as well as essential laboratory skills. Our laboratories offer up-to-date equipment and information technologies. In the third year, students have the option to choose special subjects, which will be further developed within their Master's study. The aim is to create a career-focused Bachelor's course. Specialization 2: Environmental Protection Engineering The Bachelor's studies are planned as general studies with professional elements. During the first four semesters, students are provided with quality basic knowledge of natural sciences and engineering disciplines, including the necessary laboratory techniques, computer technology and selected technical subjects. The third year of study has already a more specialized orientation and includes a majority of subjects focusing on environmental protection. During the studies, the principal subjects of the entire degree programme in Chemistry and Materials Technology are added to the curriculum. The graduates are specialist able to deal with practical problems related to environmental protection, and that both in the industrial sphere and in the public sector administration. Economics and Management Specialization: Economics and Management Graduates of this course will find employment in industrial enterprises, trading companies and financial institutions. The course is designed to introduce students to basic theoretical and general subjects first, i.e. Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics, Informatics, Statistics, foreign languages, etc. Later the course offers subjects focused on practical aspects of economic and managerial practices, i.e. Enterprise Economics, Management, Marketing, Accounting and Taxes, Production Control and Management, Finance, Banking, etc. Engineering Informatics Specialization: Information and Control Technologies The degree course is primarily aimed at information technology and also, control technology. Graduates of this Bachelor’s course are experts in IT and computer technology and they can find jobs in industrial enterprises, in companies dealing with software equipment, or in the area of computer, measurement, automation and control technologies. They are well-prepared for holding technical positions or working as junior executives. They can also work for trading companies as managers or as foreign company representatives. Alternatively, graduates have the possibility to continue their studies in one of the follow-up Master’s programmes. Philology Specialization: English for Business Administration This philological degree course is designed as career-focused, with particular emphasis laid on current and future needs of experts in the areas of English philology and Business English. Graduates from this course have advanced knowledge of spoken and written English and other linguistic disciplines (literature, cultural studies) as well as valuable business skills. The course aims to provide students with general and professional knowledge that will help them adapt for a particular occupation or will be a proper basis for further, master's degree course of study either in philological or economic disciplines.

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Duration of program: 3 years Application deadline: 29.05. Tuition fees: EUR 2,000 / 1 academic year (various scholarship opportunities available) Contact person: Michaela Blahová

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