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The YAMASA Institute is taking enrollments for its Short Intensive Language Acquisition Course (SILAC) Programs. Our ultra-flexible SILAC classes run from 2 weeks to 12 weeks (with the possibility of extensions).

Okazaki, Japan
Program Type:
Intensive Language
Degree Level:
1-2 weeks, 3-4 weeks, 1-3 months

Program Overview

Program Description:

Are you interested in traveling to Japan and learning the language?

The SILAC program (Short Intensive Language Acquisition Course) is aimed at students who wish to learn practical, conversational Japanese that will sustain them in conversations with native Japanese speakers in a relatively short period of time. The course is open to students ranging from absolute beginners up to those at the intermediate level. Thanks to it's shorter length, SILAC is recommended for those who wish to concentrate more on conversational Japanese as opposed to other areas such as business or academic Japanese but may not be able to do so due to work and family commitments, or financial costs.

SILAC focuses largely on spoken Japanese of a more practical nature. Beginners may start off life as a SILAC student learning the basics such as greetings and numbers and may ultimately end up being able to express their opinions, feelings and thoughts upon entering the intermediate level. The course itself has been designed to reflect the kinds of situations that a Japanese speaker may face upon visiting/living in Japan. Therefore, it is hoped that SILAC graduates will be given the tools to navigate most of the everyday exchanges they will experience during their time in Japan.

SILAC is perfect for those who wish to focus on their day to day conversation skills.  Therefore, the vast majority of classroom activities are geared around this competency. 

Why you should choose SILAC?

  • Diversity - YAMASA takes great pride in the linguistic and cultural diversity of our school. Due to enrollment being conducted on an ongoing basis, you will be guaranteed that you will meet new and unique classmates every week who will not only help you improve your linguistic abilities but also potentially help you create lifelong friendships. Furthermore, teachers are assigned on a rotational basis to insure that you are exposed to a variety of teaching methods.
  • Flexibility - As SILAC takes enrollments on an ongoing, you are able to enroll at any time that you like. Students are able to extend their stay upon completing their initial period of enrolment as well as rejoin the course after a period away (i.e. after a period of travel.
  • Small Class Size - Classes are capped at 15 students to insure that your needs are given the maximum attention possible and that you will never be ‘lost in the shuffle’.

In its 25 years of existence, YAMASA has hosted students from 80 different nationalities. Due to our extensive experience dealing with a broad spectrum of international students, we know how to create a learning environment that best suits you. For more information please visit our website. Or use the form to contact us directly today!

Setting Description:
Located in central Japan, Okazaki is within striking distance of both Osaka and Tokyo; both are accessible via a two hour bullet train journey. In addition to these urban metropolises, Okazaki is also a 50 minute train ride to Nagoya; the fourth biggest
SILAC works on a principle of ‘the longer that you enroll, the more you will save’. 2 weeks enrollment will cost about $800 USD but weekly tuition fees markedly decrease depending on the length of your enrollment. Please see website for more information.

Additional Program Information

A high school education is usually required for all courses available at YAMASA. Those who have yet to graduate from high school will be required to take a Skype interview before application.