Cadiz, Spain
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Study Abroad
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Nestled between Seville and Malaga, Cadiz is the southernmost province of Spain. If you seek the authentic taste of Andalusian culture and tradition, you need look no further than Cadiz. Besides a wide variety of natural spaces of exceptional ecological beauty, this region contains wetlands and coastal areas that remain untouched. The more than 260 kilometres (approximately 162 miles) of coastline are home to pristine beaches, small bays and several kilometres (miles) of sand dunes. You will also find cosy and intimate beaches with tranquil waters, as well as open beaches swept by strong winds that are perfect for windsurf lovers. An average annual temperature of almost 18ºC (64ºF) on the coast and over 300 days of sunshine per year make this enclave between Africa and Europe a privileged place to live and study. With its 3,000 years of history behind it, Cadiz is the most ancient city of Europe. The metropolitan area of the city juts out into the Bay of Cadiz and offers all the comfo
$TBA - 5 week option (6 semester hours) $TBA - 3 week option (3 semester hours) Cost includes tuition, housing, two meals per day with host family, mandatory insurance, and program excursions. (Please do not book individual flight without director's consent.)