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Retrace the links between the various cultures that shaped Sicily into what it is today. Each civilization has left its imprint, whether it be linguistic, culinary, artistic, religious, or architectural
Siracusa, Italy
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Study Abroad
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Explore culture and identity in the cradle of Western civilization. Home to the Phonecians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Normans, the Arabs, the Spanish, and then finally the Italians, Sicilian culture is a mosaic. Each civilization in antiquity and in current times, has added tiles of language, food, beliefs and traditions to the larger composition of the island’s culture. Despite the seeming permanence of the grand works of architecture and art, each close investigation of Sicily’s cultural heritage exposes how it is truly in constant evolution. 

This program understands the mutability of Sicily’s history and heritage, and so takes it as the basic premise from which students can explore how identity is created and re-created over time. 

Courses in this Study Track include: 

  • Crossroads of the Mediterranean: Cultural Identity in Sicily through the Ages
  • Italian Language and Culture 
  • Mediterranean Food Systems: Identity, Migration & Labor in Sicily 
  • Migration Across the Mediterranean: Human Rights and the Media
  • Field Research Project: Systems Thinking & Sustainability

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