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SYA Italy offers high school juniors and seniors a unique approach to understanding the culture of modern Italy through the lens of its deep and multi-layered past.

Viterbo, Italy
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Study Abroad
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High School
Academic Year, Summer

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SYA Italy offers you the chance to spend junior or senior year of high school immersed in language and life in the cradle of Mediterranean Europe. Become conversant in Italian as you share incredible meals with your host family. Explore the ancient land of the Etruscans and the contemporary issues facing the European Union. Experience the art, history and archeology of this cultural cornerstone. Study the food right down to its molecules, and understand why it is often the envy of the world. Make friends for life while living the classics, and growing through a deep and authentic global curriculum. Are you ready to become the you that you are destined to be?

SYA Italy is housed on the main floor of a 16th-century palazzo in Viterbo, Italy. All students are individually and carefully placed with an Italian host family, sharing fully in their lives and speaking their language. Students also participate in a wide array of activities including sports, art, music and dance in the community. Travel to other Italian cities, sites and treasures is both organized by the school, and permitted independently for small groups of students.

SYA Italy offers a unique approach to understanding the culture of modern Italy through the lens of its deep and multi-layered past. Both inside and outside the classroom, this program actively engages students in the study of ancient languages, history and art, while facilitating the mastery of Italian. On school trips, which have taken the group to Sicily, Florence, Umbria and Campania in the past, students are given the opportunity to experience firsthand some of Western civilization’s most important cultural, historical and archaeological sites. SYA Italy also offers its students an in-depth, interdisciplinary approach to the classical world while learning a modern language. The courses offered are Latin language (4 levels through AP) and literature, Greek, ancient history, art history, Italian civilization, Italian language, English and mathematics. All courses are taught in English with the exception of Italian. There is no language prerequisite to apply.

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Setting Description:
Viterbo: While ancient culture was flourishing in Greece and southern Italy during the sixth and fifth centuries B.C., the Etruscans controlled much of central and northwestern Italy. The early kings of Rome were the Etruscan Tarquins, and their civilization strongly influenced Roman culture. So it is only fitting that SYA chose Viterbo, an Etruscan city in Latium (Lazio), as home for its program dedicated to the study of Classics. Vetus Urbs (Old City), or Viterbo, remains today a largely undiscovered treasure. Tour books, and therefore, tourists, tend to overlook this bustling city of 60,000, located an hour-and-a-half by train or car from Rome. Within the medieval walls that still encompass Viterbo lies a city that reflects both the old and the new, an ideal base for a year of study and exploration. As the capital of the province, Viterbo is the heart of the local culture and economy, and it hums with an energy that seems to belie its relatively small size. Some 10,000 students ar
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SYA offers merit and need-based scholarships and financial aid. Visit for more information.

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  • The Experience of a Lifetime

    The teachers and faculty were terrific, and the courses were taught in a way that everybody could understand, no matter what their previous background. The school was small enough that the community was very close and everyone knew everyone else. One

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    Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend