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Join us for summer study abroad in St. Petersburg. SRAS will host a special collection of innovative, intensive programs in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Study Abroad
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Join us for summer study abroad in St. Petersburg. SRAS will host a special collection of innovative, intensive programs in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Most programs will run from the 17th of June to the 11th of July, 2020.* Your summer study abroad in St. Petersburg can be extended with four-weeks of intensive Russian-language study following the course. Each track listed below is seperate and intensive. Due to scheduling restrictions, students will choose only one track.

  • The Changing Energy Landscape. What will be the future of energy in a decarbonized world? Countering climate change will entail serious changes to the global economy, with considerable diplomatic cooperation needed between countries producing hydrocarbons and those consuming them. This interdisciplinary course is aimed at students of economics, business, world economy, political science, international relations, energy studies/security, and sustainability studies.
  • The Art and Science of Museums. How can cultural and historical heritage be best preserved and transmitted? To answer this question, we will take a behind-the-scenes look at the Hermitage Museum, and explore a plethora of others including educational museums at schools of higher learning, scientific museums, museums of ethnography, memorial apartment museums, literary museums, political history museums, and more.
  • Cuba-Russia Connection: Studies in Cultural Diplomacy.​ *Program starts June 5th in Cuba before transferring to St. Petersburg! The Cuba-Russia Connection invites you to an intensive introduction to the history, culture, politics, and economies of two fascinating countries that have played important strategic and often interrelated roles in US foreign policy. We will study these countries from the perspective of cultural diplomacy, learning how each uses its cultural assets for diplomacy and economic gain. 
  • Journalism Practicum. This course offers an opportunity to learn, quickly and within the Russian context, the basic codes, skills and values of journalism. Reporting competencies include spot news, feature writing, broadcast techniques, and working with editors in an international-bureau arrangement. Students begin with a crash course in journalism before leaving for St. Petersburg, and once in country, they focus on “live” stories, working from simpler to more complex pieces in several genres.
  • Language and Society. *Program offers several convenient time slots over the summer. Russian as a Second Language is at the core of this program. An extensive cultural program is also included. You'll gain a wider, fuller, first-hand perspective on Russia for your future career in government, business, or academia.

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SRAS offers two funding opportunities: Challenge Grants:Writing grants; stackable grants; matching grants; alumni grants; military grants; and more! Home and Abroad: Add a resume-building internship and up to $10,000 in funding to your SRAS program.