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Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, this program takes you to Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia to discuss with local experts the conflicts in all these states, both past and present.
Baku, Azerbaijan; Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of; Kiev, Ukraine; Moscow, Russia; Tbilisi, Georgia (Country); Yerevan, Armenia
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Fall Semester, Spring Semester

Program Overview

Program Description:

Kyiv: Identity and Conflict in the Post-Soviet Space seeks to critically analyze the post-Soviet era. The bulk of the program takes place in Kiev, but students will visit Moldova, Georgia, and Russia and will discuss the conflicts in these states, both past and present, with local students, teachers, and experts. The competing foreign interests at work in these states will be explored. Students will also intensively study Russian, an important language of diplomacy across the post-Soviet space.

Russian Language Study Courses offered at six different levels, from beginning to advanced. Intensive study for 20 hours per week. Students will learn about the conflicts of selected post-Soviet societies and the policies that have alleviated, contained, or aggravated those conflicts. Issues to explore will include religion, media, language, international relations, ethnic divisions, and more. Students will write regular policy papers on the issues they study. Multicultural Lab In addition to the lectures and guest speakers, students will participate in related excursions, travel, roundtables with local university students, and hands-on cultural events in four countries to further improve their knowledge of the modern cultures and peoples being studied. Students will journal regularly on their experiences and thoughts. The best of the journals and policy papers will be published.

This course will be of especial interest to students of history and diplomacy. The course should also be valuable to students hoping to enter domestic governance and policy making. As technology, globalization, and immigration create increasingly multi-cultural societies in Western states, the recent experiences of post-Soviet societies present increasingly valuable lessons.

Setting Description:
Kiev is the capital and geographic center of Ukraine, a land that has historically had to balance relations between Russia and the West. Kiev is a political, economic, and cultural hub, but one that, in contrast to the Russian capital, feels quieter and more open in both its layout and in the attitudes of its people. In this green city rich with history, broad boulevards, and a diverse mix of people, NOVAMOVA offers lessons in Ukrainian and Russian language and culture, taught by young Ukrainians in new and well-equipped facilities.
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Scholarships Description:
SRAS offers two funding opportunities: Challenge Grants:Writing grants; stackable grants; matching grants; alumni grants; military grants; and more! Home and Abroad: Add a resume-building internship and up to $10,000 in funding to your SRAS program.