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In this Summer School, students receive an introduction to cutting edge computer technology and methods used in mechanical engineering.
Aachen, Germany
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Study Abroad
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Duration: 3 weeks (July 12 to July 30, 2021)

The Online Course covers the fundamentals used in automation and simulation. The topic simulation features various exercises in a virtual computer lab. As a student, you solve real world problems by applying software commonly used in industry and thus acquire a better understanding of methods used in mechanical engineering. Video material shows a lab tour on Campus in Aachen, so that you gain an insight into the institute's research approaches. The topic automation provides you with an overview of modern automated production systems, covering all the major cutting-edge technologies of production automation.

✓ highly mixed/international group
✓ online lectures & tutorials
 group work & self study
 intercultural exchange
 virtual social events
 full online experience
 RWTH certificate

Setting Description:
The Institute of General Mechanics (IAM) conducts the academic content. The simulation part covers two weeks of lectures and extensive project work whereas the automation part covers one week of lectures.
1794 EUR.

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You are a B.Sc./B.E. student enrolled at a renowned university, have profound knowledge of the English language and are studying mechanical engineering or a related field. Desirable is the completion of the first year and basic knowledge in the following areas: Mathematics, Mechanics, Materials Science, Thermodynamics, Computer Science/Programming Techniques, Machine Drawing/Machine Elements, Modelling. The minimum age to participate is 18 years. Students should have completed the first year of studies.

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