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As far as the Italian language courses are concerned, our lessons focus on: vocabulary written comprehension listening written production speaking activities Our school proposes to foreign students different types of workshops, that can be taught in It
Rimini, Italy
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Study Abroad
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The time has come to have the Italian experience you have always dreamed of!!! Learning Italian or improving your Italian skills has never been easier! RIMINI ACADEMY guarantees you a working summer program, offering you a wide range of Italian culture and language courses, an exciting town to live in, amazing excursions to enjoy, friendly people to know and entertaining activities to take part in! Rimini Academy is the only center in Rimini which has an agreement with the University of Roma 3 offering L2 language certificates in Italian. This certification is recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research on the basis of an agreement with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Universities and Reasearch. The school is situated in Rimini, a touristic seaside town, very popular for its attractions and its history and visited by tourists from every part of the world.

As far as the Italian language courses are concerned, our lessons focus on: vocabulary written comprehension listening written production speaking activities Our school proposes to foreign students different types of workshops, that can be taught in Italian and in English, to combine with our lessons: Italian cuisine cooking lessons Italian movie viewing Italian art history workshops Italian music workshops The school offers to students the possibility to choose between different courses, taught both in Italian and in English, concerning Italian culture, art, poetry and literature, movies, cuisine, history, tourism, etc. Here is a list of the courses offered by our school. Literature studies: Dante's places between Romagna and Marche Italian poetry between 1800 and 1900 from Pascoli to Leopardi The two great Italian love stories : from Paolo and Francesca to Romeo and Juliet. Artistic studies: The famous Italian painters working between Romagna and Marche Mosaic and Byzantine culture between Ravenna and Venice Historical studies: The Renaissance in Florence and The Uffizi The life of Count Cagliostro Rimini, between the streets of Flaminia and Emilia, the cradle of Ancient Roman culture Cultural Studies: Birth and development of Rimini tourism Emilia Romagna gastronomical traditions Film studies: Fellini dreamlike cinema between reality and fantasy Neo-realism in Italian movies from De Sica to Rossellini

Discovering a new language is a colorful trip that lets you open your mind to a new culture, with different lifestyles and points of view. This is the mission of Rimini Academy and its staff, whose main aim is to involve you at 360 degrees in our language with a particular focus on improving your grammar and your speaking skills and in our culture with fascinating subjects to share with you and different workshops to take part in. Our staff is composed of experts in Italian language teaching who have an innovative and friendly approach with students, making them at ease in every situation and letting them take an active part during the lessons. Students will have the chance to be involved in plenty of excursions and activities, which will help them make the most of their free time. Excursions: There are a lot of historic towns near Rimini, which have played an important role in ancient times and which remain very characteristic and attractive: Santarcangelo, San Marino, San Leo, Gradara, etc. These villages will be the destinations of our excursions, as well as the main cities of Bologna and Ravenna, which boast a wide artistic and historic heritage. Moreover, Rimini is surrounded by theme parks, like Italia in Minitura, which shows you the marvels of Italy, Parco dell'Aviazione, with a wide range of helicopters and planes, Mirabilandia, entertaining park with a lot of games and attactions, Fiabilandia, the park that sends you back to your childhood, Skypark, an adventure park where you can test your climbing skills, etc. Activities: To help students know each other and to keep its happy atmosphere, our school organizes different activities during the day, such as: sporting matches evening cocktails artistic clubs shopping afternoons local cuisine tastings themed dinners masked balls afternoons on the beach treasure hunts reading clubs movie nights
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Our school is composed of four fully-equipped classrooms and a big terrace, where students can enjoy their breaks.  We have Verdi , Churchill, Fellini and Michelangelo classrooms. Aula Verdi( the famous Italian composer) can be used to show movies and videos. During the year, when it is necessary, we also use other classrooms of schools or associations situated near our school. The classrooms are decorated with posters and paintings about Italy and Rimini. The office staff are always available for any information or questions and will be at your disposal during your stay. Our large terrace is really useful during the summer and its the meeting point of our students at the end of the lessons. The school is situated in the heart of Rimini, a seaside holiday destination, which attracts a high number of visitors every year. Here, students could experience and enjoy the real Italian life. Rimini is a university town, which welcomes a lot of Italian and international students every year.
The cost of the program depends on the characteristics of the linguistic stays. It depends on the excursions, the activities and the path of study. Contact us to receive a customized quote.

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