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Our programme
We offer a training program for recent graduates from an official university.
It serves as an introduction into the working world, which is why there is no previous teaching experience in a school required or allowed.
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Madrid, Spain
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year

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Red Leaf and Up International Education provide grants for the incorporation of native English- speaking teaching assistants in Spanish schools. These grants are directed at young native English-speakers who want to start out in and acquire first-hand knowledge in the world of education, as well as enjoy a unique experience of life in Spain.
This grant program began in 2010 and has been well-accepted by the Spanish educational community, as well as by the many applicants to the program. Driven and supported by the Plan Moderna (the economic development program of the Foral Community of Navarra, Spain), the program initially began in this region. Because of its success and acceptance, the program has been expanded to cover all of Spain.
The program is managed through the Public University of Navarra and the University San Jorge.

Our programme
We offer a training program for recent graduates from an official university.
It serves as an introduction into the working world, which is why there is no previous teaching experience in a school required or allowed.
Those interested will have a university degree and will enter the program through a Spanish university, receiving training in three steps:
- A course on personal skills given by the collaborating Spanish university. Usually in an on-line format.
- A Spanish language course for foreigners
- Practical training in a school as a teacher’s assistant.
The principal objective of the program is to receive hands-on training in education, so we dedicate the majority of time to this aspect of the program.
Red Leaf and Up Interntional Education are responsible for selecting and managing the 3 necessary paperwork with the collaborating Spanish university, so the candidate for teacher’s assistant need not find a university in Spain.

What is a teacher’s assistant
An assistant teacher helps to compliment the teacher in his or her job. To be precise, the work is to provide assistance or back up the teacher in a particular subject.
The assistant teacher has no teaching responsibilities in the classroom and his or her work must always be supervised and directed by the classroom teacher. To this end, there is always a ‘tutor’ teacher available in the school, responsible for the work of the assistant teachers. This, however, does not mean that the assistant teacher must be accompanied by the teacher at all times.
It is possible that the teacher and the assistant teacher carry out their work together in one classroom, but they might also work in separate classrooms. If the latter is the case, the teacher will define and approve the scope of the assistant teacher’s work beforehand. Furthermore, the teacher’s assistant usually works with a limited number of students (3-15) in order to work on objectives specified by the teacher.
The assistant teacher may also be required to prepare part or all of the classes as part of the teacher training.
Educational centres normally hire assistant teachers for support in foreign language conversation. More specifically, these assistants work with the students on oral expression and comprehension and in many cases, at the primary school level, work through games and songs.

Who can participate? Requirements
- Maximum 30 years old.
- Completed university degree at an official university.
- Teacher-oriented training (CELTA, Tesol or TEFL courses are sufficient).
- No previous experience as a teacher in a school.
- The maximum duration of the program is one year, although this can change depending on the needs of the school.

Employement conditions
The conditions for our program are as follows:
- Incorporation in an educational centre to give 22 hours of class per week, not including classroom preparation, as required in some cases. Of those 22 hours, at least 15 will take place during the school day. The remaining five to seven hours are for extracurricular or extra help and could take place outside of the school schedule
- The placement will take place from October until May, although some schools may ask that the assistant teacher start in September and finish in June.
- The school day in Spain is usually from 9 am until 5 pm. The majority of the 20 weekly hours of class fall into this timeframe.
- Holidays will be similar to those of the school: two weeks at Christmas, ten days at Easter and national and local holidays.
- The base placement grant is 845€ per month. This amount can be reduced based on the services that the educational centre offers (lunch, residence), etc.. The grant is quantified and based on the cost of living in Spain and it is possible to live on these wages.
- While not working in school, the assistant teachers are allowed to hold jobs that do not require a titled qualification, such as giving private English classes or teaching in a private academy.

Our program includes:
- Management of agreements and documentation related to the university and the participating schools in the program.
- Provision of civil liability and accident insurance for work carried out at the centre.
- Planned training courses; if they are not covered completely by the program, they will be covered partially
- Medical coverage by Spanish national health system (Seguridad Social). The intern will pay part of their coverage, as stated by Spanish law, which is approximately 6 euros per month.
- Counselling and advice during the duration of the program.

Our program does not include:
- Management and costs of visa, if necessary
- Management and costs of the European health coverage card or of other health insurance, depending on the case.
- Trip from origin to the city whe

Setting Description:
At schools of all levels in Madrid. We will provide further details once we have been contacted.

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