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The Cambridge CELTA is an internationally-recognized, highly practical, 4-week intensive course (134-hours) for people who would like to become a qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language (EFL).
Barcelona, Spain
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Teach Abroad
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1-3 months
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Program Overview

Program Description:

Since 1998, Oxford TEFL has provided high-quality training and support from experts tutors who have helped thousands of teachers work around the world. 

The Cambridge CELTA at Oxford TEFL is a highly practical, 4-week intensive course (134-hours) for people wanting to learn to teach English as a Foreign Langauge (EFL). You'll get started teaching a class of real learners from the first week.

Strict external quality control by the highly-respected Cambridge Assessment provides you with a guarantee of maximum quality and also means that as a graduate you will be highly sought-after by TEFL employers worldwide. Programs with no external moderation (or by less reputable bodies), even if they offer similar content, just aren't as attractive. 

In addition to your CELTA course, you can also take advantage of our visa, careers and accommodation service and social events.

Setting Description:
Oxford TEFL offers five exciting locations in which to take the Trinity Cert TESOL program: Barcelona, Cadiz, Kerala (India), London and Prague. However, unlike other programs, the worldwide reputation of Trinity and Oxford TEFL's global graduate network means that you won't be restricted to working in these cities. With the Trinity Cert TESOL from Oxford TEFL, the world is your oyster!
The Trinity Certificate in TESOL is offered by Oxford TEFL at very competitive rates in line with similar premium TEFL/TESOL certification programs, such as the Cambridge CELTA. Please refer to our website for current prices, as well as special offers & discounts.